Timeline / Milestone


  • Young Power”- A Youth Led and Youth Managed Club Established on 20th May 1985 (UN International Youth Year) at Sitakund under Chittagong District of Bangladesh
  • Youth and Anti Drug – Anti Smoking Programs


  • Youth and Sports Programs


  • Youth and Tree Plantation Programs


  • Registered with Bangladesh Government as voluntary , non profit , non political organization


  • Start short-term welfare activities with and for Youth and disadvantaged community


  • Emergency Relief and Rehabilitation Activities after the Devastating Cyclone of 29th April


  • Young Power” transformed into “Young Power in Social Action (YPSA)” as social development organization


  • Transition to long-term development Program based on community needs and vulnerabilities
  • Start Sustainable group formation and Capacity development of target peoples and community
  • Start Participatory Savings & Credit Program (PSCP) for Economic Development of community


  • Non-Formal Primary Education Project Started


  • Maternal, Child Health Care & Family Planning (MCH & FP) Project
  • NGO Home Gardening and Nutrition Surveillance (NGNSP) Project
  • Registered with NGO Affairs Bureau of Bangladesh Government (Foreign Donation)


  • STD AIDS Prevention Program Started: Youth and Lower cast community


  • Emergency Relief operation in Cyclone affected Coastal areas and Islands
  • Finalization of YPSA 1st Strategic Plan (1997-2001)


  • YPSA represented in UN World Youth Forum & Festival in Portugal
  • Urban Development Program (UDP) starts in slum areas of Chittagong. City
  • Established formal school EVERGREEN International School (EIS)


  • Strengthen Health and Population for Less Advantaged Program(SHAPLA)
  • Community Based Rehabilitation for Person with Disabilities (CBR for PWD’s)
  • Established YPSA Human Resource Development Centre HRDC – Sitakund Campus


  • YPSA awarded International Youth Peace Prize IYPP 1999
  • Head Office set up in Chittagong (Commercial capital of the Bangladesh)
  • Char Development and Settlement Project (CDSP) started
  • Long term development partner of Action Aid Bangladesh (DA 12)


  • YPSA represented in Global Forum of International Year of Voluntarism in Switzerland Inauguration of YPSA
  • Centre for Youth and Development CYD by Global president of International Association of Voluntary Effort
  • IAVE Dr. Kenn Allen
  • Full Membership of INFOYOUTH Network (UNESCO – INJEP) France
  • Finalization of YPSA 2nd Strategic Plan (2002-2007)
  • Integration of Right Based Approach RBA as core organizational programmatic approach


  • Women Empowerment through Decent Employment (WEDE) Project
  • STD/AIDS Prevention Program with floating and street-based sex workers of Chittagong City Corporation area


  • Youth led Poverty Reduction through Digital Opportunities (YPRDO) Project
  • Advocacy for Public Policy for Ensuring Human Rights in Ship breaking Industry Project
  • Reproductive Health Initiative for Youth in Asia (RHIYA) Project
  • Broad-based Coalition and Advocacy for Human Rights (BCAHR) Project
  • Micro Health Insurance for Rural Poor Women in Bangladesh (MHIB) Project
  • Established YPSA Human Resource Development Centre HRDC – Chittagong Campus


  • Establishing Partnership for Disaster Preparedness (PPDP) Project (DiPECHO- II)
  • Gender Awareness and action for Grassroots Enterprises (GAAGE) Project
  • HIV/AIDS Prevention Project: Drug User Intervention
  • Program Office set up in Chittagong Hill Tracts CHT
  • YPSA official website www.ypsa.org


  • Digital Accessible Information System (DAISY) For All (DFA)
  • Established ICT & Resource Center on Disabilities (IRCD)
  • Bangladesh Childhood Cataract Campaign in Chittagong division (BCCC)
  • Established Youth Community Multimedia Center (YCMC)
  • Prevention of HIV/AIDS among young people in Bangladesh (GFATM Package # 902)
  • Working area and program coverage extended to greater Chittagong division
  • Established YPSA Dhaka Office as National Advocacy and Networking office (Main Capital City of the Bangladesh)
  • YPSA sponsored website on Ship breaking issues www.shipbreakingbd.info


  • Partnership with Palli Karma Sahayak Foundation (PKSF)
  • Micro Enterprise Savings-Credit Program (MES-C)
  • Reducing Risk of the Vulnerable Communities to Flood and Earthquake Project (DiPECHO- III)
  • Campaign to End Domestic Violence (CEDV) Program
  • Capacity Building for Ensuring Safe Labour Migration (CABSLAM) Project


  • Partnership of the South Asia Civil Society Development Initiative (CSDI) Project
  • Global Exchange GX Program (with British Council, VSO-Bangladesh and Nagorik Uddog)
  • Prevention and Protection of Victims of Human Trafficking in Bangladesh (PPVHTB) Project
  • Promoting Rights for Persons with Disabilities (PRPD) Project
  • Mobilizing Communities for Disaster Risk Reduction Project (DiPECHO- IV)


  • Strengthening Adolescent Reproductive Health in Bangladesh (SARH) Project
  • Self Employment by Promoting Income generation to Youth (PAP CHT) Project
  • Community Based Child Development (ComBaCD) Project
  • Primary Prevention of HIV & Risk Reduction through Work- place Interventions in Garments Industries in the Chittagong Division (GFATM Package # 912)
  • GFATM Round-6 (Malaria Component) Project
  • Women Entrepreneurs through Skill Development Project
  • Strengthening Capacity of NGO’s to better perform in Disaster Management project
  • Finalization of YPSA 3rd Strategic Plan and Business Plan (2008-2013)
  • Established YPSA Human Resource Development Centre HRDC – Kawkhali Campus
  • Registered with Micro Credit Regulatory Authority of Bangladesh Government to work as Micro Finance institute


  • Community Managed Local Health Services & Water Sanitation Project in South East Bangladesh
  • Promoting Smoke free local Government & public spaces in Chittagong Division Program
  • Post Literacy and Continuing Education for Human Development Project-2 (PLCEHD-2)
  • Restoration and conservation of biodiversity in the denuded hills in Sitakunda and Mirsharai, Chittagong
  • Disaster Preparedness by Ensuring Water and Sanitation Facilities in Relief Shelters
  • Enhanced Disaster Preparedness among Communities and institutions in Bangladesh (DIPECHO-V)
  • Project on Promoting basic services to survivors in trafficking through integrated approach
  • Holistic Program for Sustainable and Environment Balanced and Safer Ship Recycling in Bangladesh (SEBSSR)


  • Safer life of Girls Domestic Workers Project.
  • Promoting pro-poor policy programs and public services for all
  • GFATM- Round-8 (TB- Control program )
  • YPSA received National e-Content and ICT4D champion Award 2010 for DAISY (Digital Accessible Information System) for all in Social Inclusion and participation categories. YPSA also awarded Special Mention award For Ship Breaking in Bangladesh web portal (www.shipbreakingbd.info)  under e- enterprise and livelihood categories from D.Net in association with Ministry of Science and ICT, Government of Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh.


  • Make Community based Disaster Risk Management inclusive South Asia (CBDRM)
  • Community Radio for building awareness on early warning system and climate change and health issues for the coastal population


  • Unique Interventions for Quality Primary Education-UNIQUE II Project
  • Construction of Youth Training Center (YTC) in Cox’sbazar under GGHSP of Japan
  •  Bangladesh Housing, Land, and Property (HLP) Rights Initiative
  • HIV/AIDS Prevention Services for Street Based Sex Workers and their Clients (Package SP-2)


  • Mainstreaming the Children of Street Based Sex Workers (CSBSW) through Integrated Education Programs
  • Climate Change Adaptation by ensuring Water and Sanitation facilities in Cyclone
  • Empowering Youth with Disabilities through Market Driven ICT Skills
  • YPSA awarded special consultative status of UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)
  • Livelihood Support Program for landless Forest dependent community in Mirsarai Upzilla
  • Leadership Development Program (LDP)
  • Climate Resilient Participatory Afforestation and Reforestation project (CRPARP)
  • Trusted Intermediary Global Accessible Resources (TIGER)
  • Production of Multi Media Digital Talking Book (Access to Information 2)
  • LaborVoices SmartLine Implementation
  • Intervention for Hotel, Street and Residence based Female Sex Worker (Link up Package #02)


  • Uplifting the Children of Sweepers Living in Slums (CSLS) through Integrated Education program.
  • Community Legal Services (CLS) for Access to Justice
  • Promoting sexual and reproductive health and rights – Universal Access to Reproductive Health
  • Engaging Private Sector to Increase Access and Use of LARCs services
  • Cox’sbazar Youth Training Center (CYC) launched.


  • Creating and enabling environment for  young people to claim and access their sexual and reproducing health rights in Bangladesh
  • Essential HIV prevention , Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRHR)
  • Service for most at risk adolescent female street based sex worker in Dhaka
  • Creating Evidence at the Grassroots for National Advocacy on Leadership program.
  • Youth Empowerment for Development
  • 3rd Round of Service Innovation Fund for Accessible Book Production (Grade-6 to Grade-10) by Prime Minister Office.
  • Wining of International Excellent Award , 2015, London Book Fair (LBF)
  • Securing a Better future for Working Children in Ship Breaking Yard.
  • Community Engagement in Environment Protection Initiatives (CEEPI).
  • Emergency WASH support to the people affected by the South-East flood and Cyclone KOMEN
  • Relief support for flood and cyclone affected Population in Need in South-East Bangladesh (RESONSE) project
  • Strenthening Health Outcome for Women & Children  (SHOW)
  • Ashshash: A project for social and economic reintegration of the victims of trafficking


  • Strengthening Health Outcome for the Women and Children (SHOW)
  • Advance Program for Improved Lifestyle of the Urban Poor (APILUP), LRP-48
  • Capacity buildings activities in Bangladesh for the production of books in accessible formats
  • Sustainable Livelihood and Inclusive Development of Persons with Disabilities
  • Production of accessible Dictionary and reading materials for all through DAISY standard
  • YPSA received award on Innovation of Policies and Practices 2016 by zero project
  • Strengthening Health and Other Opportunities for Vulnerable Adolescents –SHOVA
  • HIV Prevention Program for Female Sex Workers (FSW) and their Clients
  • Community Engagement in Countering Violent Extremism in Cox’s Bazar (CEVEC)
  • Emergency Assistance to Cyclone ROANU affected Communities in Southern of Bangladesh
  • Emergency Life Savings Support to Cyclone Roanu Affected Communities in Kutubdia, Coastal Bangladesh
  • Relief Support for Cyclone Roanu Affected Population in need in South-East Bangladesh
  • YES Center-Youth Empowerment through Skills
  • UNDP-Early Recovery Facilities(ERF) Project
  • Disaster Response for Tropical Cyclone ROANU project
  • Transitional Shelter Relief for Family Affected Severely by Cyclone ROANU in Bangladesh
  • Building Resilience of Returning Migrants from the Andaman Sea through Economic Reintegration and
    Community Empowerment in Cox’sBazar
  • Reducing Irregular Migration by Sea through Awareness Raising in Four Districts of Bangladesh


  • Ensuring decent Work and Safe conditions for Ship breaking Workers in Bangladesh
  • Disability Inclusive Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Management (DICCAD)
  • Fairer Labour Migration in Bangladesh
  • Promoting Safe Water and Sanitation at East Bakalia in Chittagong
  • Youth in Action for building Peace and Harmony
  • Disaster Response Project for Victims of Cyclone MORA in Bangladesh
  • School Feeding Program
  • BGD Second Chance Education
  • YPSA Cultural and Sports program for School student
  • Improve Livelihood program for Elderly people
  • Value Chain development program (Goats keeping and expansion program at loft)
  • Preservation, development and expansion programs of the Red Chittagong Cattle
  • Program for expansion of high yielding varieties of BARHI date farming technology
  • Rohingya Refugee Crisis Response in Cox’s Bazar Districts of Bangladesh
  • Humanitarian Assistance to Unregistered Myanmar Nationals in Cox’s Bazar District in Bangladesh
  • Integrated assistance package in Cox’sbazar
  • PARADIGM – Poverty Alleviation through Resilience and Disability Inclusive Graduation Model
  • Emergency Nutrition and Health Services and Non-food Material Support for Malnourished Children, Pregnant Women and Lactating Mother and Vulnerable Families of Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals in Cox’s Bazar’
  • Humanitarian Assistance to the Most Vulnerable Rohangya Women and Girls
  • BGD General Food Distribution in Cox’sbazar-Rohingya Response
  • BGD-IKEA Foundation Seed Rohingya Response 2017
  • Child Centered Care Response to Rohingya Adolescents in Cox’s Bazar Project
  • Blanket Distribution to Rohingya Communities
  • Response to the need of older amongst forcibly displaced citizen of Myanmar
  • Ensured WASH facilities for Rohingya communities
  • Rohingya Refugee Crisis Response in Cox’s Bazar Districts of Bangladesh
  • Disaster Response project for victims of Cyclone Mora in Bangladesh
  • Promoting Human Rights for Persons with Disabilities through DPO (Disable people organisation) Mobilization
  • A Path to the Phased Elimination of Malaria From Bangladesh
  • To Increase Access and Use if Injectable and LARC Services under Mayer Hashi II project


  • Developing a project for Community-driven Planned Relocation of Highly Vulnerable Climate Displaced Households in South-Eastern Coast of Bangladesh
  • Integrated Response to the needs of Older People amongst Forcibly Displaced Myanmar National
  • ASTHA: Strengthening Access to Multi-sectoral Public Services for GBV Survivors in Bangladesh
  • Strengthening People’s Safeguard to Protect Land Rights of Marginalized Community (FGGII) Project
  • BGD-IKEA-2 Rohingya Response 2018
  • Development of Ecotourism Industry in Sitakund and Mirsarai
  • Alternative crop production for controlling tobacco cultivation
  • Initiatives to Prevent Human Trafficking in Emergency Response
  • Response to the Humanitarian Crisis-Forcefully Displaced Myanmar Citizens In Bangladesh
  • Response to the needs of older People amongst Host Community in Bangladesh
  • Sustainable Livelihood Initiatives for the Host-Community People Highly Affected by Rohingya Influx in Teknaf, Cox’s Bazar.
  • Protect Refugee Women/Girls from Gender Based Violence and their Resilience
  • Distribution of Non Food Items (Dignity Kits) to Women with Nutritionally Vulnerable Children for forcibly displaces Myanmar Nationals Living in Camps in Cox’s bazaar
  • Recovery Support for the disrupted livelihoods of Host Community in Cox’s Bazar District
  • Meeting the Emergency Needs of Displaced Rohingya Households
  • Mc Government International Food for Education and Child nutrition Program.
  • Humanitarian Response to the Waterlogged Affected Community in Moheshkhali Upazila Under Cox’s Bazar District of Bangladesh.
  • Enhancing WASH Facilities to the Waterlog Affected Household at Matarbari Union of Moheshkhali Upazila, Cox’s Bazar.
  • HER Finance Digital Wages Program
  • YPSA NFI Distribution Project
  • PROYASH Phase II
  • Protect Environment through Women Entrepreneurship Development Program in Sitakund
  • Bangladesh Shekher Khil Village Disaster Risk Reduction Project


  • Accessible resource center in central library for visually impaired students at University of Chittagong
  • Empowering women with disabilities through market driven ICT training and accessible information on
    sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR)
  • Strengthening the ICT and Resource center for Persons with Disabilities in Chattogram
  • Safety First Raising Awareness of Ship‐recycling Workers Needs and Providing Training on Occupation
    Health and Safety, Bangladesh
  • Prevention and Response activities implementation on counter trafficking issues
  • Child Protection for Rohingya Refugees in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh
  • Enabling Forcibly Displaced Nationals of Myanmar and extremely vulnerable host community members
    to build a safer living environment
  • WISH2ACTION (Women Integrated Sexual and Reproductive Health Project)
  • Peace for Justice in Chattogram and Cox’sBazar
  • Child Labor Improvements in Bangladesh (CLIMB) Project
  • Promoting Education and Child Protection among Children and Adolescent in the Crisis Affected area in
  • Holistic Response to Counter Trafficking and Child Marriage issue in Rohingya in Cox’s Bazar
  • Holistic Response to Counter Trafficking and Child Marriage issue in Host Community in Cox’s Bazar
  • Technology and Expansion of High Value Fruit and Crop Cultivation
  • Microenterprise Development Project
  • Active Citizens Bangladesh Project
  • Inclusion works
  • Community Engagement in Countering Violent Extremism in Chattogram Division
  • Addressing the rights and needs of climate forced displaced people in South-Eastern Coast of Bangladesh


  • Development of advocacy narrative for collective actions of CSOs in Climate Justice
  • USAID’s Youth Entrepreneurship and Empowerment Activity in Cox’s Bazar
  • SLNG Livelihood Enhancement Programme
  • Community Communication Skills Development for Social Awareness in Cox’s Baza
  • COVID 19 Response in Bangladesh
  • COVID 19 response under Community Engagement in Countering Violent Extremism in Chattogram
  • CPiE and EiE in COVID 19 Emergency Response Project
  • YPSA-BCTIP COVID 19 Response in Cox’sBazar
  • Emergency Food Support for Shipbreaking Workers
  • YPSA-Youth Led COVID 19 Response Project
  • Redesigning Mobility Aid to Function in Challenging Environments and Limited-Resource Settings
  • Emergency Health, Wash and Protection Assistance for COVID-19 Response in Underserved Areas of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh
  • Vetkhi/ Koral-tilapia-carp mixed culture for income generation of poor people
  • Knowledge Platform for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights


  • Combating Early Marriage in Bangladesh
  • Women and Girls Empowerment in Chattogram Hill Tracts through Education and Skills
  • Checklist for Promoting Disability Inclusion and accessibility in the SRHR Sector
  • Promoting decent employment and SRHR for COVID-19 affected women with disabilities
  • From Sheikh Mujibur to Bangabandhu, Liberation War and Bangladesh – A Multimedia Talking Book Project of the Mujib Year
  • Shukhi Jibon
  • Capacity strengthening of marginalized coastal communities through low-tech solutions
  • BGD AHP Rohingya Response Phase # 3 – CP Theme
  • Shelter Assistance for Forcibly Displaced Rohingya and Host Populations in Bangladesh
  • COVID-19 affected FDMN & Host Communities Response Project in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh
  • Youth from Host Communities and Rohingya Camps in Cox’s Bazar as Agents of Change (YHCRCCAC)
  • Integrated Assistance Programme in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh
  • Emergency Fire Response for Rohingya Refugees of Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazar
  • Emergency NFIs support to the victims of massive fire incident at camps, Cox’s Bazar
  • Immediate Support to Fire Victims in Rohingya Camp
  • Emergency Multi – Sector Rohingya Crisis Response Project (EMRCRP)
  • Integrated SRH and SGBV service delivery for Rohingya Refugees in Cox’s Bazar Bangladesh
  • Health, Protection, and Cash Assistance for refugees and Host communities in Cox’s Bazar
  • COVID-19 affected FDMN & Host Communities’ Economic Recovery and Response Project in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh
  • Emergency NFIs and Cash Grant supports to the massive fire affected people in the camps & host community in Ukhiya of Cox’s Bazar
  • Food Distribution Project 2021 for Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals (FDMN) Shifted to Bhasan Char under Noakhali District of Bangladesh
  • Addressing host-community’s emergency needs of Health, WASH, and Protection due to COVID-19 in underserved areas of Cox’s Bazar
  • Addressing emergency needs through multipurpose CASH Programme for food security and livelihood support for the flood affected host communities in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh
  • YPSA-BSRM Integrated Agro Development Project at Sitakund and Mirshari
  • Prioritizing Web Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities living in Bangladesh
  • Harm Reduction and Opioid Substitution Therapy (OST) Service Package for Male and Female PWID (Service Package-26)
  • Education Cannot Wait (ECW)
  • General Food Assistance Program
  • Safe meat and dairy products market development sub-project under the Rural Microenterprise
  • Transformation Project (RMTP)
  • Economic development program for poor people through distribution of vans
  • Economic development program for poor people through goat rearing


  • Plastic Waste Management in Chattogram City Corporation Area
  • Community Partnerships to Strengthen Sustainable Development (Compass) program
  • Green and Safer Ship Recycling in Bangladesh
  • Extension and Marketing of High Value Fruit Crop Varieties Farmers Value Chain Sub-Project (RMTP)
  • Recovery and Advancement of Informal Sector Employment (RAISE)
  • Bangladesh Rural Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Human Capital Development Project
  • Self-Reliance Disability and Age Inclusion
  • Food Distribution Project for Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals (FDMN) in Bhasan Char, Noakhali District, Bangladesh-2022
  • Fight Slavery and Trafficking-In-Persons (FSTIP) Activity
  • Sustainable and Comprehensive Protection Program for Host Communities impacted by the Rohingya Crisis in Bangladesh
  • Integrated protection and Health program for Rohingya Refugees and Host community in Cox’s Bazar
  • Sustainable Community Development for Disaster Risk Reduction Management in the Rohingya camps


  • Integrated protection and Resilience Intervention for Host communities in three sub-districts (Ramu, Chakaria and Ukhiya) of Cox’s Bazar
  • Prioritized HIV prevention services for key populations in Bangladesh
  • BGD Global Fund C19RM Response Mechanism
  • RISE (Reimagining Industry To Support Equality) Project
  • Advancing the Leadership of Women and Girls Towards Better Health and Climate Change Resilience (Dishari Project)
  • Protect children from hazardous labour in Dried Fish and Metal factory Sector (Free Kids) and enlighten their future
  • Advancing Livelihoods through Sustainable Water and Sanitation Solutions (Alive Wash) Project
  • Youth are Resilient, Interconnected, Socially Cohesive and Engaged (YouthRISE) Activity
  • Early Childhood Development (ECD) HomeKit for a Playful Home in Cox’s Bazar -Play to Learn
  • Emergency Support for Flood Affected People of Chakaria, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh
  • MOCHA Emergency Response Project
  • YPSA-YES Center-a2i ISEC Project in Cox’s Bazar
  • Integrated Response to Needs of Older People and Persons with Disability amongst the Rohingya and Host Community
  • Activating Village Courts in Bangladesh Phase III
  • Building Agency of Youth in Climate Action
  • Support to FDMN in Cox’s Bazar in Education and WASH sector, Phase – 4
  • SWAPNO II Project
  • Cyclone Hamoon Emergency Response Project
  • Road Safety Program
  • Building and Inclusive Platform for PWD’s Rights and Climate Justice

(Updated on January 2024)