Empowering Youth with Disabilities through market driven ICT skills

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Youth woman with disability operating a computer in IRCD lab
Trainees in a session

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To achieve ICT based capacity for youths with disabilities to exercise equal employment and business opportunities from the society& state by using their ICT skills.

Problem statement:

  • Formal education system don’t include ICT as a capacity development tools for YwDs (Youth with Disabilities)
  • No accessibility in mainstream institutions for job and business for YwDs
  • Lack of awareness about the capabilities of YwDs
  • Lack of confidence among the employers on YwDs

Focusing Area:


Target Group:

Youth with Disabilities (YwDs) Duration:12 Months


40 Youths with Disabilities (YwD), who will receive the ICT trainings, internships on ICT, relevant job search help, and producing DAISY (Digital Accessible Information System) products.

Expected outcomes:

  • 40 YWD are skilled and capacitated on ICT base jobs through ICT oriented professional development and vocational training courses
  • Employer’s groups are aware about the rights of the youth disability and employ in ICT base jobs


  • Providing scopes for acquiring certain ICT skills for Youth with Disabilities (YWDs) to compete in the job market.
  • Emphasizing on youth with disabilities, which is very much unique than others initiatives through ICT
  • The project will affect their lives and improve the quality of their livelihood, enhance their dignity as individuals and work for their way out of poverty.
  • Creating positive Awareness about the capabilities of Ywds for job and self employment .
  • Increasing the confidence of employers on the YWDs
  • The project will focus on the YWD of Chittagong, port city and industrial capital city of Bangladesh.

Sustainability of the Project:

  • Participants will have the decent employment opportunity
  • Participants will also be guided if they are interested in self employment.
  • The project will be an example to others to replicate.
  • As the pioneering initiative, the project will also  able to attract other in seeking further support.

Key milestones/timelines and associated activities:

  • 40 YWDs will be selected in two groups who will receive trainings gradually.
  • After the selection a three-month long ICT base training course for each group to develop capacities  like-computer office management, illustration and publication, telephone operating, IT administration, planning, and ICT base normal accounting, cash management,  communication, leadership, Information Management System and so on.
  • The training will follow two month internship services for each group in different professional institutions. Some digital contents will be developed with the support of DAISY.
  • An Ability Fair will also be organized to expose them to the employer’s association and business community.
  • Advocacy and Awareness activities will be arranged regularly after the training and internship to do lobbying with the employer’s association for the employment of the trained youth with disability; like –arranging dialogue with employers, communication etc.
  • Organizing Press briefing, Publishing online database  and Printing awareness materials on disability rights and their  capacity for jobs and self -employment

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