YPSA – Agricultural Unit and Fisheries and Livestock Unit

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Duration of Project: 2015 to present

Supporting Partner: PKSF

 Working area:

Name of District Name of Upazila/ Thana Number of Union
Chattogram Sitakund 3 Unions & 1 Powrashoba


Agriculture Unit, Fisheries & Livestock Unit is a PKSF funded program.  It has been working by its partner organization to utilize the limited resources of the members and sustainable technologies with the aim of capital formation, use of barren land, abandon pond and home stead areas to grow safe food, fish and livestock as a means of socio economic development of the farmers.

Goal of Agriculture Unit:

Ecofriendly sustainable technologies expansion with an eye to increasing production, ensuring food security, decrease unemployment, and ensure nutritional food supply.

Goal of Fisheries Cell:

Fish culture in the home stead or abandon pond with technical support to ensure the nutritional demand as well as income generation of the YPSA members with the support of the micro credit program

Goal of Livestock Cell:

Livestock health management of the credit program members to accelerate  the growth of credit facilities, income generation, enhance production and supply of animal protein

Target People :

Direct: targeted people are 4000, whereas 3500 are female and the rest are male

Indirect: Indirect beneficiaries are 20000. (Female-10000, Male-7000, Children-3000)

Major Achievements of Project :

  • Demonstration of 122 agricultural, 60 fisheries, 155 livestock farm by using modern and organic method
  • To introduce new technologies like Turkey rearing and hatchery, fish culture in tank, fruit bag 12 field days and exposure visits have been arranged
  • 10 modern trainings have been arranged in agriculture, fisheries and livestock
  • Motivate farmers to grow high values and high yield crops like dragon fruit, baby water melon, summer tomato, sea bass culture, prawn and crab culture, high yield breed cow rearing, Khashi fattening.
  • 5000 beneficiaries are being benefited directly or indirectly by taking technical services from the agriculture, fisheries and livestock officers