Chittagong University Accessible E-Learning Center

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Project Title

Accessible resource centre in central library for visually impaired students at University of Chittagong.

Funded by

AK Khan Foundation.

Implemented by

YPSA (Young Power in Social Action).

Problem Statement

Persons with vision impairments and others with print disabilities face discrimination and challenges in obtaining an equitable education in the traditional sense, as reading materials are frequently inaccessible to them. A number of visually impaired students are now studying at University level. There is a severe lacking of adequate study materials & books for them both in market & libraries and there is no deliberate policy and initiatives of the government & Non Government to ensure accessible study materials for the visually challenges university students. The class notes & lectures are a base of study at school which is never at an accessible format for the visually challenged.

Therefore, they are always lagging behind in their studies and receiving information. In many cases, the absence of such reading materials is resulting in ignorance and lack of action or sole reliance on the advice of a third party. But all have the right to education, equal access to information. People should have rights to education and equal access to information and knowledge regardless of disability; a right confirmed by the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

However, there are a number of technical progresses all over the globe that can provide the print disabled and visually impaired people with accessible study materials. But due to inadequate capacity among the visually impaired students & the university authorities, lack of financial support, lack of skills & technical expertise as well as lack of knowledge about available solutions & resources among the University to ensure these services, the visually impaired people are unable to utilize these opportunities.

Goal of the project

To ensure equal access in higher education for the student with visual disability


  • To set up an accessible resource centre for visually impaired students in University of Chittagong
  • To develop accessible & user-friendly study materials for the visually impaired students.
  • To develop skills of visually impaired students on the use of digital technologies.

Project duration

1 year (Pilot Phase)

Location of the Project

Central Library at University of Chittagong, Bangladesh

Target Group:

Visually impaired students of Chittagong University

Key Activities

  1. Conduct base line survey for the visually impaired students of University.
  2. Arrange project inauguration ceremony at University of Chittagong
  3. Organize sharing meeting with teachers of University of Chittagong.
  4. Provide input support to set up the accessible resource centre for the visually challenged students at central library of University of Chittagong.
  5. Develop a group of devoted volunteers from students of University of Chittagong.
  6. Produce 25 Braille books on study materials for University of Chittagong.
  7. Produce 100 titles with 15,000 pages in multimedia Talking Books on text book for University of Chittagong.
  8. Organize Formal & Non Formal training programs for the visually impaired students.
  9. Orientation on face to face reading service, work as a scriber for volunteers.
  10. Collect study materials from National & International organizations and libraries.
  11. Arrange non residential training on ‘Computer & Technological Use’ for 60 students at University of Chittagong.
  12. Print leaflet for promotion of resource centre.

Expected Results

  • A need assessment report will be developed stating the necessities of study materials for the visually impaired students of University of Chittagong.
  • Teachers of University of Chittagong will be oriented and sensitized to ensure education rights to visually impaired students
  • 1 resource centre with necessary facilities will be developed in the central library of University of Chittagong for visually impaired students.
  • Two groups of dedicated volunteers will be developed in Chittagong University.
  • 25 Braille Books will be produced.
  • 100 DAISY books will be produced.
  • Regular face-to-face reading service will be organised.
  • 60 visually impaired students will be capable to access computer through skill development training
  • Different accessible and user friendly study materials are available in central library of University of Chittagong
  • 2000 leaflet will be distributed for promoting the resource centre at University of Chittagong