Proyash Phase II

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Project Title: Proyash Phase II (An Urban DRR Project)

PROYASH (a Bengali word to serve to achieve something) phase II is a five years urban risk reduction project of Save the Children Bangladesh funded by C&A Foundation. It hopes to reach of people twenty four thousand (24000) direct and one lac twenty thousand (120,000) indirect beneficiaries through its activities with the support of its partner, YPSA (Young Power in Social Action) and Social and Economic Enhancement Program (SEEP), in the disaster vulnerable urban area of Dhaka, Savar and Chattogram.

Its overall purpose is to increase preparedness and resilience of urban slum communities in Dhaka, Savar and Chattogram to cope with shocks and stresses. The objectiveof this projectis to enhance capacities of women, children and relevant government institutions to contribute to urban resilience. Proyash Phase II will work to increase capacity of community based disaster management committees (DMCs), women, children, youth and other community members.

The project’s main interventions target women, youth and children in particular, ensuring their participation in local risk assessments and planning. To sustain the effort, Proyash Phase II will act to build a strong network and liaison with Government, NGOs, INGOs, academia, research institutions and the private sector, so as to ensure a combined effort in effective urban risk management. For sustainability and long-term impact, the project will work with the City Corporations and Municipalities and local government authorities to include risk reduction planning into the annual development plans.

Project Goal:

Increase preparedness and resilience of urban slum communities in Dhaka, Savar andChattogram to cope with shocks and stresses.

Expected Outcomes:

Outcome 1: Enhanced capacities of women, children and relevant government institutions to contribute to urban resilience in informal settlements

Outcome 2:  Scaled up and institutionalized CSS, DRR and EiE into Primary & Secondary education

Outcome 3:  Steered policy advocacy to integrate women and children’s issues in urban resilience through generated evidence

Geographical Coverage:

  • 4 wards in Chattogram City Corporation
  • Project Duration: August 2018- June 2023
  • Implemented by: YPSA -Young Power in Social Action
  • Funded by: C&A Foundation
  • Supported by: Save the Children
Project at a glance
Targeted Wards


Targeted School


Targeted Slums


Indirect Beneficiaries


Directed Beneficiaries


Strategic Partners:

  • Chattogram City Corporation (CCC)
  • Chattogram Development Authority (CDA)
  • Fire Service and Civil Defense (FSCD)
  • Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief (MoDMR)
  • Department of Disaster Management
  • District Administration
  • District Education office

Target Groups:

  • Ward Disaster Management Committee
  • Community and school children
  • Working women
  • Parents
  • Caregivers
  • Youth volunteers
  • School management committee
  • Community based organization
  • Communities
  • Civil society organization
  • Media and academia
  • Government officials

Main component of the project:

  • Capacity building: Increase Local capacity of local disaster management community and community based groups (women, children, and youth and community people) on urban DRR
  • Functional Disaster Management Committee: Support City Corporation to makeat ward and city corporation level
  • Local level DRR plan: Work with City Corporation to develop and implement local DRR plan
  • Incorporating DRR findings into annual development plan: Work with City Corporation to include DRR findings into annual development plan and allocate budget for risk reduction interventions
  • Children and women engagement in DRR: local level risk reduction planning and implementation
  • Knowledge hub in urban slums:Establish DRR knowledge hub in targeted slums for knowledge sharing with
  • Urban community volunteers: Develop and train500 urban community volunteer to act as first responder
  • Small scale mitigation: Support communities to implement small scale mitigation interventions for risk reduction
  • School disaster management: Increase knowledge and capacity of children, teachers, SMC and education officers on school disaster management
  • School Safety Plan: Support school children and teachers to develop school safety plan and mobilize education authority for resource mobilization
  • Clean, green and safe school: Initiate and roll out clean, green and safe school initiatives through children
  • Earthquake contingency Plan: Support Chattogram City Corporation to develop and implement earthquake contingency plan
  • Child Sensitive Urban Planning: Develop framework for child sensitive urban planning to address children’s issues during urban development and planning for safe cities and communities
  • Urban planning and management: Educate urban children on the standard of urban planning and management