Improvement of Ecotourism Industry at Mirsharai and Sitakunda in Chattogram

Project Title: “Improvement of Ecotourism Industry at Mirsharai and Sitakunda in Chattogram” Entitled Value Chain Development Project.

Duration of Project: August 2018 to December 2022

Donor: Palli Karma-Shahayok Foundation (PKSF)

Working area: Sitakund  and Mirshorai

Name of District Name of Upazila/ Thana Number of Union
Chattogram Sitakund Bhatiary, Kumira, Banshbaria, Muradpur, Sitakund Pourshova, Barayadhala.
Chattogram Mirshorai Durgapur, Khayachora, Mirshorai union, wahedpur, Mirshorai pourshova

 Goal and Objective of Project:

Goal:  To improve the standard of livelihood of local people sustainably through raising the profit in the business, creating self-employment and wage based industry and ensuring the food security.


  1. To ensure the access and availability of eco-friendly tools, equipment, goods and services in the project area.
  2. To increase the qualitative service for the tourists through improving the skill of service providers and other assistances.
  3. To increase the number of tourists through expanding the market of ecotourism services.
  4. To ensure the cash flow among the entrepreneurs for ecotourism development.

Participants/ target People (with no of each population group):

Direct: 887 man  and 113 woman

Indirect: 870

Major Activities and Achievements of Project:

  1. Home Stay Service: 18 suitable houses are established and registered to the airbnd as ‘Home Stay Service’ for the tourist. More over Twenty houses are registered in airbnb and stayride website. Average 15 tourists are enjoyed this service per month.
  2. Workshop on ‘Ecotourism and business management’ for the service provider: To provide service to the tourist made 320 skilled service provider giving training by the tour operator.
  3. Boat Ride Service: Thirteen Boat Ride service providers are created in the area of Guliakhali Sea beach at Sitakund and Mohamaya lake at Mirsharai. A boat ride service provider can provide his service average 130-140 tourists per day.
  4. Breast Feeding Corner: Three Breast feeding corner service providers are created in Guliakhali Sea beach at sitakun,, Mohamaya lake and Khoiyachora water fall at Mirsharai. Average 15-20 tourists (breast feeding mother) avail this service per day.
  5. Kayaking Service : Three Kayaking service provider are created in Mohamaya lake at Mirsharai. These service provider have 25 kayak boat. Average 200-250 tourists are enjoyed this service per day. Each kayak boat earns average 2000-2500 taka per day.
  6. 25 services provider are working in the project area and their earing level is increasing gradually.
  7. Conduct E –commerce Training for services provider.
  8. Increased awareness about the preservation of environment and Garbage management in the project area so environment protection is increased in project area.
  9. Increased the number of tourist and income of the local people in project area due to the advertisement through FM Radio and Media.