YPSA Inclusive Financing Program for and with People with Disabilities (PwDs)

Goal: Establish a rights-based barrier-free society for people with disabilities through socially and economically self-reliance.
Supporting Partner: Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF)

Duration of Program: December 2015 to present (On going)

Working area:  YPSA Economic Development Program working areas.

Name of District Name of Upazila/ Thana Number of Union
Chattogram, Rangamati, Feni, Cumilla, Nolkhali, Khagrachari, Cox’sbazar, Chandpur and Bandarban Chattogram City Corporation, Sitakund, Mirshari, Sandwip, Rangunia, Rauzan, Fatikchari, Hathazari, Potiya, Boalkhali, Candanashi, Anwara, Rangamati Sadar, Khowkali, Khagrachari Sadar, Panchari, Ramgar, Naikknchari, Chandina, Titas, Laksham, Cumilla Sadar Adarsha, Cumilla sadar south, Lalmai, Budichang, Debirdar, Feni Sadar, Chagolnaiya, Dagonbhuyan, Sonagazi, Chokaria, Ramu, Hazigang, Kachua and Sahrasti. Ukiya, Satkania, Baruda, Daudkandi, Muradnagar, Boalkhali, Bandarban Sadar, Mohalchari, Lama Cox,sbazar sadar,  Sahrasti, Senbag, Debidar, Hajganj, Monohorgang, Chandpur Sadar and Kacua 308

Goal and Objective of Project:

Goal: Establish a rights-based barrier-free society for people with disabilities through socially and economically self-reliance.


  • To make the people with disabilities socially and economically independent.
  • To ensure Enabling environment for people with disabilities to access Government services

Rationality of the Work:

In article 26, of UNCRPD persons with disabilities to attain and maintain maximum independence, full physical, mental, social, and vocational ability, and full inclusion and participation in all aspects of life. They have to equal opportunity on comprehensive habilitation and rehabilitation services and programmes, particularly in the areas of health, employment, education and social services and article 27 of UNCRPD persons with disabilities to work, on an equal basis with others; this includes the right to the opportunity to gain a living by work freely chosen or accepted in a labor market and work environment that is open, inclusive and accessible to persons with disabilities.

They have opportunities for self-employment, entrepreneurship, the development of cooperatives and starting one’s own business. Persons with disabilities can access general education, vocational training, and lifelong learning without discrimination and on an equal basis with others in line with article 24 of UCRPD. Moreover “Rights and protection of the person with disability act 2013” of Bangladesh are declared equal opportunities for self-employment, entrepreneurship, education, training, and accessibility and using assistive device for Person with disabilities at point 9 and 10 of articles 7.

So UNCRPD and Rights and protection of the person with disability act 2013 are providing more emphasis on employment opportunity and training for the people with disabilities. But it is realistic that people with disabilities cannot get all kinds of facilities in the society as per their need.  In these circumstances, YPSA has trying to do appropriate initiatives for ensuring a sustainable livelihood for People with Disabilities.

Participants/ target People:

Direct: 5000 people with disabilities and their families

Major Activities of this program:

  • Inclusion of People with disabilities in the group of economic development program
  • Provide training to the People with disabilities in income generation and technical knowledge
  • Capacity building through leadership development and mobility training to People with Disabilities.
  • Provide loan facilities with easy and low service charge
  • Soft loan facilities to the People with disabilities small micro entrepreneurs
  • Advocacy meeting with Local Government in favor of people with disabilities.
  • Awareness campaign towards positive mentality on People with disabilities.
  • Supporting good entrepreneurs to expand the business.
  • Organize regular group meetings of people with Disabilities.
  • Conduct meeting of Organization of people with Disabilities (OPD) and Federations
  • Linkage with Government official for ensuring the safety net provision (Disability Allowance, SUBRONA Nagarik Card (Disability Card) and others.
  • Provide medical and physiotherapy support to People with disabilities.
  • Assistive Device Distribution
  • Celebration the International and National day of persons with disabilities and world Autism day.
  • Grant Support for the persons with disabilities.

IGA and Business Activities currently implemented by People with disabilities through inclusive Financing program

  • Cattle and goat rearing and fattening,
  • Agriculture and vegetable cultivation,
  • Poultry rearing,
  • Pigeon breeding
  • Grocery store,
  • Making shopping bags ,
  • Fish trading ‍and fishing net making
  • Handicrafts (toy making and bucket etc),
  • Buying rickshaws and vans,
  • Tailoring,
  • Manufacture of rattan good with bamboo and thatch.
  • Sale of lace ribbons,
  • Tea shops and
  • Pharmacies   etc.

Activities implemented in the programme:

  • 5000 persons with disabilities are involved with YPSA saving group under the Economic Development program (Physically Handicapped-3485, Visually Handicapped-395, Speech and Hearing Handicapped-653, Intellectually Handicapped-185, and Other Handicapped-282)
  • Borrower Members: 2636 (Physically Handicapped- 1889, Visually Handicapped-144, Speech and Hearing Handicapped-304, Intellectually Handicapped-108, and Other Handicapped-191) and cumulative loan disbursement to 4636
  • Providing assistive devices to 216 disabled persons
  • Cash and kinds grant support to 606 people with disabilities – 606
  • Providing income-enhancing training to 540 people with disabilities – 540 people
  • Conducted training on Leadership, communication, and skill development to 491 people with Disabilities.
  • Conducted 32 Advocacy meeting sub district government official and local government representatives, where 152 people were participated.
  • Regularly organize group meeting and organize OPD meeting.
  • Physiotherapy provided: 2379 people (handicapped, children, stroke, paralysis, and accident patients)
  • Medical support to 70 speech and hearing impaired and 72 visually impaired persons

Current Savings, Disbursement and Loan Status of People with Disabilities (April 2024)

Current saving of People with Disabilities

BDT 20,743,506/=

Disbursement of capitalized loans to People with disabilities at present

BDT 333,592,000/=

Current Loan outstanding

BDT 35,825,678/=