Mainstreaming the children of street base sex workers through integrated education

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Project Title: Mainstreaming the children of street base sex workers (CSBSW) through integrated education Program (YPSA CSBSW Project)

Project Funded By/Supported by:  Future First/HSBC Future First Secretariat, INM

Implemented by : Young Power in Social Action.

Working/Project Area:  Chittagong City Corporation and Comilla City Corporation area.

Project Duration: 01/10/12-30/09/15


Sex-trade is considered as a bad profession by general people in most of the conservative countries. Sex workers and their children are always excluded from mainstreaming. They have to face different serious problem like separation from parents, sexual abuse, early sexual debut, introduction to sex work as adolescents, low school enrolment, witnessing mother’s sexual interactions with clients, and social marginalization. Less attention has been paid to the children of the sex workers who are victims of the circumstances starting from birth, denied of the opportunity of being free of their background, and deprived of an environment conducive to healthy physical and psychological development and also from social opportunities.

There are around ten thousands of Street based Sex Workers (SBSWs) in Chittagong, port city of the country, and in Comilla city of Comilla district. Children of Street based Sex Workers (CSBSW) face ostracism and condemnation because of their parent’s profession. Lack of education leaves them with no options other than the flesh trade or some criminal activities. It’s found that there are no actions taken to protect these children from the deprivation starting from the day of their birth. Considering the facts this proposed initiative aims to bring life skills and dignity to these children who needed most and are excluded from government and non government services. The project will focus on the CSBSWs who come from the most under-privileged conditions.

Project overview:

The children of sex workers face multiple problems. Most are effectively invisible to the state, because birth registration forms require the names of both the mother and father – the latter of whose is either unknown or unwilling to become involved in the child’s life. School admission forms also require the parents’ names, and whilst some have used false names to gain entry, many children have been kicked out of school once authorities discovered that they are the children of sex workers. They are, particularly girls, often faced abuse. The fact is that “Children sleep on the other side of the bed while their mother does her job. When the child is asked that what she is doing, they say, ‘She is working.” Considering these facts this proposed initiative intends to facilitate exercising basic rights of these most deserving children who are excluded from government and non government available services. The project focuses on the CSBSWs who are from the most under-privileged conditions. After the intervention, Children of street-based sex workers will be self confident and able to choose decent work with their capacity. The project targets 700 Children and adolescent as direct beneficiaries and 700 mothers of those children are the indirect beneficiaries.

The goal of the project:

To create windows for CSBSW to exercise basic human rights, increase self esteem and equal opportunities from the society& state.

Major Objectives:

 to provide basic education to the CSBSW for building their self-confidence

 to provide job oriented skills and capacity through vocational training courses.


Major Activities

  • Conduct a Base line survey with report writing
  • Select 100 children of the age group 8-15 for basic education and Life Skill Education
  • Select 100 children of the age group 15-25 for vocational training and Life Skill Education.
  • Develop an integrated module for basic education and life skill education including digital content.
  • Arrange  9 Motivational Meeting with guardian
  • Provide basic education and life skill education for  100 children of group -1
  • Provide vocational education for 100 children of group -2
  • Arrange exposure visit
  • Arrange sports and cultural events
  • Provide dresses for center learners
  • Monitoring the project activity by YPSA M& E
  • Conduct audit by external audit firm
  • Conduct regular counseling session in three learners centers

Expected Outcomes:

—  85% children of group 1 will be able to admit in class 3 after completing basic education session module. They will also develop self confidence through LSE Session.

—  80% adolescent of group 2 will have an alternative decent job after completing different vocational training.

—  With General Health Check –Up and counseling facilities, the children will get physical and psychological treatment and hence lead to the healthy life

—  Special events such as sports and exposure visit will give them opportunity to open -up their mind set to think themselves as part of the main society.

 Achievements up to date:

  • A Base line survey on socio-economic condition of SBSWS with report is completed.
  • 180 children have been selected .
  • Developed an integrated module for basic education & LSE including digital content .
  •  Three training center has been set up.
  • Bought learning and recreational materials.
  • Arranged three motivational meetings with guardian
  • Launched basic education & LSE
  • Launched  tailoring course.
  • Continued general health check-up session.