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YPSA, an organization in Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC)

Accessible reading materials for the students with visual impairment (DAP)

Project Title: Accessible reading materials for the students with visual impairment.

Geographical Coverage : Chittagong City Corporation Area.

Duration of the Project: September 2018 to August 2019.

Supported by: Australian High Commission (Direct Aid Program).

Brief description of the Project:

The period of last four and half decades, after independence, has witnessed a significant expansion of educational opportunities for visually impaired citizens. Article 17 of the constitution of Bangladesh says about the free compulsory and inclusive education which has already been enforced by the government of Bangladesh. As a result, Lots of Visually impaired students are now studying at schools, colleges and universities and this number is going up every year.

On the other hand, it is also true that these students are facing a severe lack of accessible study materials. As a consequence, thousands of visually impaired students are experiencing discrimination in the field of education. So there progress in this field is more humble than the able bodied. Thus, these youngsters are failing to keep pace
with the accelerated tempo of educational activity. That’s why we are making relentless effort to resolve this problem. Yet they are not getting enough accessible materials.

Therefore, the drop-out rate of the visually impaired students from educational institution is very high in comparison to their normal counterparts. To considering this situation YPSA has approached this project. The project will develop visual accessible reading materials for university/tertiary education going students. 2000 Students of 10 institutions will cover at this project in Chittagong City Corporation Area. After the project this contents will published at online which will free and common access. By this project YPSA will be able to fulfil the dream of hundreds of visually impaired boys and girls by availing them with enough accessible study materials.

Objectives of the Project (what will be achieved by the project?)

  • To produce digital talking book (DTB) for Tertiary Education
  • To disseminate the materials to the print disabled people
  • To increase the capacity of student with visual impairment for accessing
    reading materials

Background of Proposal/Current Needs:

Persons with vision impairments and others with print disabilities face discrimination and challenges in obtaining an equitable education in the traditional sense, as reading materials are frequently inaccessible to them. There is a severe lacking of adequate study materials and books for them both in markets and libraries and also there is no deliberate policy and initiatives of the Government and Non-Government Authorities to ensure accessible study materials for visually challenged students. Therefore, they are always lagging behind in their studies and receiving information. In many cases, the absence of such reading materials is resulting in ignorance and lack of action or sole reliance on the assistance of a third party. But UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities stated that, “People should have rights to education and equal access to information and knowledge regardless of disability”.

Therefore, this project will address the immediate need to provide students with study materials in accessible formats. YPSA has quiet enough experiences on developing accessible materials for visual impaired person. Currently, YPSA, along with Access to Information program (A2I), Prime Minister Office Bangladesh, has produced books in DAISY format for school level students which has proven its accessibility and cost effectiveness compared to the paper books for the students with visual disability, print disability and learning disability.

Impact of the Project/Expected Outputs

  1. 2000 students of college and university level are directly benefited from this
  2. Ten institutions was covered by this project
  3. This project has enabled visually challenged college and university students to
    get their text books in DAISY format.
  4. It enhanced the literally knowledge of the beneficiaries which made them more
    confident to achieve their aims and objectives of life.
  5. It inspired blind students on pursuing their education and the drop-out rate has