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YPSA is an organization with Special Consultative Status to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC)

Empowering Youth with Disabilities through market driven ICT skills

Youth woman with disability operating a computer in IRCD lab
Trainees in a session


To achieve ICT based capacity for youths with disabilities to exercise equal employment and business opportunities from the society& state by using their ICT skills.

Problem statement:

  • Formal education system don’t include ICT as a capacity development tools for YwDs (Youth with Disabilities)
  • No accessibility in mainstream institutions for job and business for YwDs
  • Lack of awareness about the capabilities of YwDs
  • Lack of confidence among the employers on YwDs

Focusing Area:


Target Group:

Youth with Disabilities (YwDs) Duration:12 Months


40 Youths with Disabilities (YwD), who will receive the ICT trainings, internships on ICT, relevant job search help, and producing DAISY (Digital Accessible Information System) products.

Expected outcomes:

  • 40 YWD are skilled and capacitated on ICT base jobs through ICT oriented professional development and vocational training courses
  • Employer’s groups are aware about the rights of the youth disability and employ in ICT base jobs


  • Providing scopes for acquiring certain ICT skills for Youth with Disabilities (YWDs) to compete in the job market.
  • Emphasizing on youth with disabilities, which is very much unique than others initiatives through ICT
  • The project will affect their lives and improve the quality of their livelihood, enhance their dignity as individuals and work for their way out of poverty.
  • Creating positive Awareness about the capabilities of Ywds for job and self employment .
  • Increasing the confidence of employers on the YWDs
  • The project will focus on the YWD of Chittagong, port city and industrial capital city of Bangladesh.

Sustainability of the Project:

  • Participants will have the decent employment opportunity
  • Participants will also be guided if they are interested in self employment.
  • The project will be an example to others to replicate.
  • As the pioneering initiative, the project will also  able to attract other in seeking further support.

Key milestones/timelines and associated activities:

  • 40 YWDs will be selected in two groups who will receive trainings gradually.
  • After the selection a three-month long ICT base training course for each group to develop capacities  like-computer office management, illustration and publication, telephone operating, IT administration, planning, and ICT base normal accounting, cash management,  communication, leadership, Information Management System and so on.
  • The training will follow two month internship services for each group in different professional institutions. Some digital contents will be developed with the support of DAISY.
  • An Ability Fair will also be organized to expose them to the employer’s association and business community.
  • Advocacy and Awareness activities will be arranged regularly after the training and internship to do lobbying with the employer’s association for the employment of the trained youth with disability; like –arranging dialogue with employers, communication etc.
  • Organizing Press briefing, Publishing online database  and Printing awareness materials on disability rights and their  capacity for jobs and self -employment