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YPSA is an organization with Special Consultative Status to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC)

Ensuring a sustainable livelihood for People with Disabilities through Inclusive Financing Program

Program Duration: On Going

Name of donor organization: Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF)

Working Area: All MF & ME Branch


Establish a rights-based barrier-free society for people with disabilities through socially and economically self-reliance.


  • To make the people with disabilities self-reliant through social and economically.
  • To increasing competence in education and information technology for people with disabilities by enabling public services.

Implemented activities and achievements:

  • 311 persons with disabilities are included in among the existing MF & ME groups of YPSA,
  • 305 persons with disabilities are involved with the YPSA savings team
  • 3 IGA and technical training  provide to persons with disabilities.
  • 22 people with disabilities assisted in providing Assistive device
  • A total of 286 people have been given loan for this program
  • 2 Training on leadership, skill development and mobility are conducted.
  • Provided grant support to people with disabilities – 23 people
  • Autism and International Disabled, White cane Safety Day celebration
  • Organizing the 8th Convention of the Persons with Disabilities
  • Conduct 3 training for MF & ME officials and workers

Current savings, debt distribution and debt status of disabled people:

  • Currently the savings of disabled people: 510,123
  • Currently disbursed loan disbursed to the disabled people: 8,048,000
  • Currently the loan outstanding: Taka- 3,522,126

Current income generating activities are done by people with disabilities:

  • Cows and goats and rearing
  • Agriculture and vegetables cultivation
  • grocery shop ® Duck- chickens rearing
  • Rickshaw and van purchases
  • Make market bag and packet
  • Sewing work
  • Hand artifacts (toys made)
  • Make bamboo & cane materials
  • Tea shops
  • Lace ribbons sold
  • fish business and
  • Money growth to  pharmacy.