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YPSA is an organization with Special Consultative Status to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC)

Youth community multimedia center (YCMC)

Donor: YPSA own funded Project


To increase capacity of community people’s daily life through  information communication and technology.

Location & Target Coverage

Area Coverage

Beneficiary/TG coverage

Name of District Name of Upazila/Thana No. of  union/Ward No. of  Village / Mahalla/Para Categories Direct Indirect Total









150 500 650


120 200 320


270 700 970


Major activities, Target & Achievement

Major activities Target
Achievement (09-10) Cumulative Achievement from the beginning
Computer training 200 180 550 students
RKC 2 2 3 RKC Every year.
Provide different kind’s government form to community people. 50 45 150 people.
ICT Fair 3 03 3
Volunteer workshop for community   Radio 4 3 3 workshop 75 participants
Multimedia support to different program 20 30 00
Micro Small medium enterprise (MSME) of computer training 60 60 60
Micro Small medium enterprise (MSME) of and product published from 3 center 300 350 350

Future Plan

YPSA has implemented some development initiatives for the youth community people for developing their ICT information. This year YPSA getting community Radio License from Government. Hope September 2010 YPSA will start community Radio station in Siatkund. Next year YCMC will tri to getting license for Government Polytechnic institute for established a fulfill technical institute in Sitakund.