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YPSA is an organization with Special Consultative Status to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC)

YPSA – Agricultural Unit and Fisheries and Livestock Unit

Program Duration: On going

Name of donor organization: Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF)

Working Area: The activities of the area of ​ Syedpur and Mohanagor branch of MF&ME program.

Agricultural, Fisheries and Livestock Unit are funded by the financial assistance of (PKSF). Keep it in front of sustainable development goals (SDG), members of various associate organizations utilize limited resources and increase the efforts of the members to increase their capital through the expansion of agricultural technologies – agricultural units, fisheries and livestock units.  YPSA Agricultural Unit, Fisheries and Livestock Unit is one of the best examples of socio-economic development by the Unplanted  land, useless ponds and safe vegetables gardening of members fish, poultry and cow goats in the premises of the house.

Implementing area:
Overall support of the PKSF,  YPSA-Agricultural Unit, Fisheries and Livestock Unit are being conducted  the activities in Sayedpur and Mohanogor area of Syedpur Union under Sitakundaupazila of Chittagong district, from YPSA 2015-2016 fiscal year.

Agricultural Unit

The aim of the agricultural unit:
Through the expansion of environmentally friendly technologies enhance production, increase food security, reduce unemployment and ensure supply of nutrients.

Objectives of the Agricultural Unit:
– Advancing agricultural-based economy at the grassroots level.
– Improve safe and self-reliant agricultural development.

– Ensure food security and develop natural resources in agriculture.
-Insert modern new diversities of agriculture.

–  Decreasing unemployment through agricultural-based employment.
– Through reducing the dependence of chemical fertilizers and encouraging use of natural fertilizers for ensure proper production of agriculture.
– Enhance capacity by providing training to farmers.
– Through increasing agricultural production ensure source of nutrients at local and national levels

– Reduce pesticide free farming and agricultural expenditure through integrated vexation control management.

At a glance, demonstrations implemented in the agricultural unit sector

Technology / Exhibition Implementation time Total
2015-16 2016-17
1) Compost(Exhibition number) 10 10 20
2) Tricho compost (exhibition number) 0 2 2
3) porous pipes (exhibition number) 2 0 2
4) Firomon trap (exhibition number) 6 5 11
5) Save the seed in the model of the Maria (exhibition number) 15 20 35
6) High Harvesting new breed (exhibition number) 3 3 6
7)  Vegetable cultivation in the homestead (exhibition number) 10 10 20
8) Summer tomato cultivation (exhibition number) 0 1 1
9) Pershing, light trap, planting in row 1 1 2
10) Vegetable farming in organic means 1 1 2
11) Guti  urea in vegetable cultivation 1 2 3
12) Urea Applied Appliance 2 2 4
13) Liyur (Firomon Trap) 315 330 645

Fisheries and Livestock Units

Goal of the fisheries sector:
With the technical support of useless or hajamaja pond in the neighborhood of the house of the members of the people of YPSA to provide basic support to the activities of the small loan system by meeting the needs of the poor people as well as meeting the nutritional needs.

The purpose of the fisheries sector:
To  Create an opportunities for massive employment and poverty reduction through usage the unusable pond under fish farming.
To raise the nutritional needs, bringing back financial health and the importance of fish farming of the poor / poor population.
To generate a wide variety of fish farming and providing technical assistance on modern fish farming in the working area.

To create entrepreneurship in fisheries through creating skilled manpower on modern and seasonal fisheries training.
To Increase the incomes of the members through the expansion of cultivation of short-sighted fishery resources (Crab and Kuchia).

Goal of Livestock sector:

To increase the livestock of micro-credit members and to advance the loan program for Increase production and supply of animal protein and livelihood of the members.

The purpose of livestock sector:

  • Training providing for members
  • Technical assistance Offer (free medical, grass cutting supplies etc.)
  • Planned regular vaccination and preventive vaccine campaigns
  • New technologies Development (keeping goat goats, keeping koyela etc.) through establishment of exhibition farms
  • Support to create new farms
  • Encouraging farmer through organizing the farm day
  • Active support and counseling in any activities to the livestock related resources of the organization.

Achievements of Livelihood sector:

With the help of the PKSF from 2015-16, YPSA started the program on livestock activities in Syedpur and Mohanogor branches of Sitakund area. Currently, PKSF continued to provide livelihood support to the livestock sector during the financial year 2016-17 and also for the financial year 2017-18. The program is selected to keep running.

Through the livelihood of the livestock, YPSA has been working for sustainable development along with continuous efforts to improve the lives of people in the area. Based on this binding microfinance and livestock, till now the livestock unit has completed various activities.

  1. Training and Farm Day

In order to increase the capacity for the membership of the members, skill development training has been provided to 325 members by organized 13 field levels training at on livestock sector. The presence of government livestock department in the training has increased the interest of the members. Knowing the initial treatment of trainees, the incidence of various types of domestic diseases has decreased.
The application of new technology has increased by organizing the farm day at the field level of exhibitors. So far, the new technology has received rosy response by organizing 4 farm days.

  1. Establish the exhibition farm:

To the guidance of PKSF, the running animal system are increasing more productive, exhibition farms have been set up by new technology. Through microfinance firms, microfinance members are getting the opportunity to know about various issues of technology and are trying to implement by themselves.

    3. Eradication and vaccination, technical services:

Under this program, 970 cattle were given 2400 Wormwood, 1126 animals were vaccinated against anthrax disease, 1180 animals were vaccinated against PPR disease and 2000 animals were given technical advice on various issues.