Advance Program for Improved the Lifestyle of Urban Poor (APILUP)

Objectives of the project: 

  1. Promote women Rights and Gender Equity
  2. Resilience to climate justice to promote people organization and collective actions.
  3. Promote Right to just and democratic governance
  4. Advancement of full, productive and decent work for young women and men
  5. Increased youth participation and expanded democratic space at all levels of decision making

Implemented by: 

YPSA (Young Power in Social Action)

Supported by: Actionaid Bangladesh

Project Goal:  To promote minimum living standards of Urban Poor.

Implementation Area: Chattogram City Corporation Ward 19&35

Duration of project:  January 2016- December 2022.

Activities  of the project:

  1. workshop on gender based violence with watch group members and reflection action group members, youth members
  2. Workshop on SRHR with RAG and youth Group member
  3. Emergency Support for gender based violence, Action Point implementation
  4. Organize program Collaboration with local govt through Day Observance (IWD,16 days activism)
  5.  Orientation on sexual Harassment guideline for RA Group and Youth Group members
  6. Orientation on Women led emergency Response, DRR issue to responsive them to make list of nearest Cyclone shelter, access to safe water & sanitation
  7. Activate ward level disaster Management committee, Women Led emergency management committee
  8. Sharing meeting between youth, women & Ward Level Disaster Management committee on DRR preparedness of ward 19 & 35 of CCC
  9. Leadership Training, Organization Development for Youth Group & RA Group member
  10. Orientation on key national and international legislation
  11. Training on entrepreneurship development for young entrepreneur
  12. Training on Youth Representation
  13. Dialogue with Potential City election candidates, Counselor, Mayor on Young people monitors electoral commitments and enhancing civic engagement.