Alternate crop production and creation of multi-dimensional income generation scope to control tobacco Cultivation

Duration of Project: July 2019 to June 2021

Supporting Partner: PKSF 

Working area:

Name of District Name of Upazila/ Thana Number of Union
Cox’s Bazar Chakaria Kakara, Baroitali, Lakharchar.
Bandarban Naikhangchari Naikhanchari Sadar, Baishari, Dochori

Goal of the Program: To introduce profitable crop diversification to free land from tobacco cultivation along with livestock rearing to create scope of multiple income generation. Moreover, increase awareness on environmental pollution, deforestation and decrease health related problems due to combustion of tobacco leaf

Expected Outcomes of the Project:

  • Profitable High value crop cultivation instead of tobacco and increase production and income by modern farming
  • Beside crop cultivation, introducing home stead gardening to cultivate vegetables and fruits and rearing livestock as a means of alternative income generation
  • Introducing profitable crop diversification to accelerate the growth of food grain production in lieu of tobacco
  • Ensure health safety of the families relating to tobacco cultivation and processing and reduce the health cost associated with tobacco
  • Protect women, child and school going students from the adverse effect of tobacco processing and ensure the education of the tobacco farmers child.
  • Reduce the environmental pollution and deforestation caused by tobacco combustion.