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Aungshee Display Center
Aungshee Product
Aungshee Product
Aungshee Product
Aungshee Product
Aungshee Product
Woman entrepreneur making product


logoFrom the study, it has been observed that only credit cannot ensure the permanent positive economical change of targeted people. Keeping the view in mind Micro Enterprise Development Program (MEDP), one of the major programs of YPSA has been providing technical support along with credit support to the micro entrepreneur. Through experience it is realized that the main obstacle to develop entrepreneurship is marketing. Grassroots entrepreneur does not know how to marketing and how to compete with big entrepreneur. As a result they are losing their inspiration to be a good entrepreneur. Realizing this importance of product marketing YPSA has been giving the priority to marketing the grassroots entrepreneur’s product through MEDP. For assisting the marketing of grassroots entrepreneur’s product YPSA already established 2 display and sale centers namely Aungshee with the support of ILO and Action Aid Bangladesh at Chandgaon R/A and Sitakund of Chittagong respectively. Through these centers products of entrepreneur is being displayed and sold among the local and foreign customer.

Goal of Aungshee

Enabling Grassroots entrepreneur economically sustained through assisting marketing their product.


  • To assist Grassroots entrepreneur through increasing demand and quality of their product
  • Ensuring proper price of product along with product advertisement

Duration: From 2004 –On going

Target beneficiary

  • Any grassroots entrepreneur can use this center for marketing their product but the following will be given priority
  • Women Entrepreneur of MEDP under YPSA
  • PSCP (Participatory S & C Program) group member of YPSA
  • Entrepreneur of EDFC (Enterprise Dev. Forum Ctg.) member organization
  • Any other Entrepreneur who are involved with NGO

Major Activities

  • Producer group development
  • Embedded BDS to grassroots entrepreneur
  • Linkage for product development
  • Product Marketing
  • Participate in the fair
  • Assisting for registration with concern authority
  • Record keeping and accounting.


These centers have been established as commercial basis, the Aungshee will follow so all types of commercial activities. Though initially these centers are focusing on local market but in long run there is a plan to catch up foreign market through exporting. Besides this, efforts are continuing to shift the Aungshee from Chandgaon R/A to any suitable commercial center of Chittagong. To meet up this objective Aungshee has been participating in local and International trade fair.