Children of Sweepers Living in Slums (CSLS)

Supported by: HSBC Future First

Project Objective:

Sweepers are a socially isolated and negated community of our society. They are engaged in sweeping and cleaning wastes, human sludge, ect. They are commonly known as Methor in our country, though nowadays in Chittagong city they are called Shebok (helper or aide). Their service to society never brought them ant recognition, rather they are considered as untouchable by the society.

There are about 3.5 to 5.5 million sweepers in Bangladesh today. There are around 1000 sweepers living in Chittagong and Cox’sbazar city area. Someone born in a sweeper’s family has no other choice than becoming a sweeper. They could not send their children to schools because they were mistreated as untouchable and were rejected. They also can not send their children to better profession as they are not able to train the children in any other profession. As a result, the community had to pass miserable times in their day-to-day life. Considering the facts this proposed initiative aims to bring life skills and dignity to these most deserving children these are excluded from government and non government services.

Project Duration:

August 2014 – August 2015

Working Area:

  1. Chittagong City Corporation
  2. Coxbazar Pourashava


  • To provide basic education to the CSLS (Children of Sweepers Living in Slums) for building their self-confidence
  • To provide job oriented skills and capacity through vocational training course

The goal of the Project:

To increase the social acceptance of the sweepers especially who are living in urban slums by creating access to the basic education and equal opportunities of the society.


  1. Base line survey
  2. Selection Children
  3. Module Development
  4. Setting up Training Centre
  5. Basic Education & Life Skills Education
  6. Life Skills Education
  7. Vocational training
  8. Special Events and Services
  9. Motivational Meeting
  • .General Health Check up
  • . Counseling Service