Community Mobilization to End Violence against Women

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Project Goal:

To mobilize, aware, aware and engage all sections of Family, community, PNGO’s and civil society at large to act and End violence against women in Chittagong district.

Project Duration:

November 2007 – April 2008 (Six Months)

Target Group & Participants:

The grassroots people of Chittagong district (Chittagong City Corporation Area and Northern part of the Chittagong ) 80,000 individuals/families are the existing beneficiaries of YPSA’s different programs. YPSA will share the message and materials of WE CAN with our existing group members, Partner Organizations and other stakeholder. We are expecting about 6000 (Direct 2800 and Indirect 3,200) Change Makers will emerged, develop their capacity and be involved in our programs.

 Location of the Project:

The project will be implemented partially by YPSA and partly through its partner organisations. YPSA will be implementing the project directly in Chittagong City Corporation area (Ward No.1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 16. 17, 18, 22, 24, 28, 31, 32, 36, 40, 41) (The project location especially the city wards have to be determined with the consultation with BITA) and at Sitakund, Mirerswarai and Sandwip upazila under Chittagong district of Bangladesh.

Consequently, Partner organizations ( See the Annex –1 ) of YPSA will implement the project in Hathazari, Fatikchari, Raojan, Rangunia Upazilla of Chittagong district of Bangladesh. Three thousands families will directly cover by YPSA and Two thousands families by Partner Organization. Four Thousands (4,000) Change makers will develop by YPSA and Two Thousands (2,000) will develop by Partner Organizations

Immediate Objectives:  

•  To disseminate the WE CAN Campaign messages to 80,000 (Eighty thousands) grassroots people/families on Violence against Women especially Domestic Violence (DV) issues.

•  To develop capacity of YPSA and partner organisations staff (Total Twenty five Person Staff) to work on Gender, VAW and DV related issues.

•  To develop 6000 (Six Thousands: Direct 2,800 and Indirect 3,200) Change Makers, who will contribute to eliminate VAW & DV and towards program sustainability.

•  To develop a Alliance named Bangladesh Parbarik Nirzatun Protirodh Jhot, Chittagong

Major Activities:

•  Awareness Raising & Campaign :

•  Organize Training on Stop Violence against Women especially Domestic Violence and Gender Development to YPSA and Local PNGO’s staff and ensure that they will act as Change makers. (2 Batches, Per Batch Participants – 25)

•  Materials distribution among PNGOs, CBOs, CSOs, Local club and other organizations

•  To organize a Planning workshop at district level with all women Development and Women organizations. (one Batch and Participants 20)

•  Sharing Meeting on SVAW and End Domestic Violence against women With PNGO’s’ CBO’s, CSO’s etc (One Batch and 50 Participants)

•  Courtyard Meeting about SVAW and End Domestic Violence against women. (50 Courtyard Meeting, Per meeting Participants average 20)

•  Thana Level/Ward Level/School/College level Workshop SVAW and End Domestic Violence against women. ( 5 Thana Lvel, 21 Ward level and 10 School/College Level Workshop)

•  Debating Competition on SVAW and relevant issues in association with Chittagong University Debating Society (CUDS) and other Debating Organizations. (1 Debate Competition)

•  Special Day observation (International Human Rights Day, International Women’s day and International Stop Violence against Women Day)

•  Organize Chittagong Divisional Change makers Sammilon 2008

•  Posturing in public place

•  Alliance Building :

•  To Develop a Local Network on Bangladesh Paribarik Nirjathon Protirod Jhot, Chittagong

•  To Form a Journalist Forum for SVAW and Development/ WE CAN Journalist Forum

•  To Form Thana Level, Ward level, School, College AND University Level WE CAN Committee

(5 Thana Lvel, 21 Ward level and 5 School/College Level WE CAN Committee))

•  To form an International Human Rights and International Women’s Day Observation Committee (2 times Meetings)

•  Organization Capacity Development on SVAW :

•  Capacity Development Training on SVAW and Gender Development of YPSA’s General and Executive Committee Members (one Batch)

•  Capacity Development Training on SVAW and Gender Development of YPSA’s Senior Officials (one Batch) (YPSA’s other Project/Program Senior Person)

•  Capacity Development Training on SVAW and Gender Development of YPSA’s Staff (one Batch)

•  Annual Couple Gathering of YPSA’s family members/Family Day