Cultural & Sports and Adolescent program

Duration of Project: 2017 to present

Supporting Partner: PKSF

Working area:

Name of District Name of Upazila/ Thana Number of Union
Chattogram Sitakund 10 Union
Khagrhachari Panchari 1 union

 Goal and Objective of Project:

To develop creative talents, mindset, leadership, good educator in education and achieve good culture and ethics, develop good values ​​and diverse positive thoughts in their minds.

Participants/ target People (with no of each population group):

Direct: 5000 Secondary school students

Indirect: Upazilla Education Office, teachers and guardian

Major  Activities and Achievements of Program

  1. Organize cultural competition for 3460 students
  2. 150 students increase their skills through leadership, skills and development workshop.
  3. 15 schools students have increased the mindset on debate through participate inter-school debate competitions.
  4. Organizing inter-school swimming competition with the participation of 5 school and Anti-drug awareness by-cycle rally held.
  5. With the participation of students, a clean-up operation was carried out in two areas for increasing their awareness on Cleanliness.
  6. Organise indoor game and cultural activities with 15 school students.
  7. Organiser freedom fighter AKM Mofizur Rahman memorial football tournament.