Enhance Income of entrepreneur through Extension of Perch (Macha) Technology

Project Title: Enhance Income of entrepreneur through Extension of Perch (Macha) Technology, Increase Access to quality inputs and Business development services” value chain sub project.

Duration of Project: July 2017 to June 2020                                           

Supported by Palli Karmo-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF)

Working area:

Name of District Name of Upazila/ Thana Number of Union
Chattogram Sitakund 04 ( Sitakund, Sayedpur, Muradpur, Kumira)


Goal: Enhance Income of entrepreneur through Goat Rearing by better livestock management.

Objective of the Project:

  • Develop knowledge & Skill of the small Farmer.
  • Supply quality input at the project area.
  • Ensure Business Development Services.
  • Ensure access to competitive market of small entrepreneurs.

Project Participants / Target People:   5000 (Male: 1500, Female: 3500)

Direct: 688.

Indirect: 4312.

Major Achievements of Project :

  • Directly Support 688 Family for Perch preparation, Buck supply, Model Farm establishment, Hydroponic fodder cultivation and 4312 families for various technical assistance. About 430 families replicate this type of enterprises.
  • Provide training, PPR vaccine, De-warming Bolus and Balanced diet to 4000 family for better performance.
  • Increase production of 25% farmer up to 200%.
  • Mortality rate decreases from 35% to 03%.
  • Goat population increases from 11000 to 43000.