Hygiene Sanitation Water Program

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To ensure safe sanitation and pure drinking water for the people of the working area.


– Behavioral change of grassroots people in terms or hygienic practice.
– Access to safe water and sanitation.
– Ensure women’s involvement in the project.

YPSA-Hygiene Sanitation Water (HYASAWA) Program has been working for about two decades for ensuring safe water and sanitation with a view to improving the public health status of the disadvantaged group of the community living in the un-served and underserved areas of Sitakund. Mirshari  upazila under Chittagong district.

YPSA- HYASAWA Program is being implemented in sitakund Upazila since 1993 in an integrated approach. Integrated approach in water and sanitation means integration of functions that’s to be performed by the community to prevent the spread of water borne diseases with the limited resources. At this moment YPSA- HYASAWA is working with 354 households in 1 village under 1 Union as per the project target for 2 years.

Project Participants

Male Female Adolescent Poorest Ethnic Minority Total
16764 16448 885 1570 122 33212

Target Coverage

Safe Water Supply: Awareness rising among the community people and assist to install alternative water resources to ensure safe drinking water for the grassroots people is the main activity of water and sanitation program. The program has been designed keeping a balance between implementing agency and community people. Implementing agency assists technologically and community people participate in cost sharing and supervision processing.

Particulars 2011  -20112
Target Achievement
No. of Event Beneficiaries Cumulative (No. of Event)
Male Female Total
Sallow Tube well 10 10 150 200 350 87
Rainwater Harvesting Plant 00 00 00 00 00 04
Iron Removal Plant 00 00 00 00 00 14
Pond Sand Filtration 00 00 00 00 00 01
Bucket Treatment Unit 50 50 157 164 321 350
Ring Well 01 01 120 123 243 02

Motivational Activities

Particulars 2011   -2012
Target Achievement
No. of Event (Beneficiaries) Cumulative
(No. of Event)
Male Female Total
School Program 02 02 375 368 743 06
Local Discuss Meet 04 04 79 54 133 09
Court Yard Session 20 20 00 456 456 76
Adolescent session 18 19 00 421 421 69
Tea stall Session 05 05 142 00 142 43
Community Meeting 03 03 38 181 219 18
Rally &Mocking 01 01 225 103 547 05

Awareness Rising on Arsenic Pollution

YPSA is implementing continuous awareness raising activities on harmful effects of arsenic among the rural poor. YPSA also detecting the arsenic contaminated tube wells of the working area vis-à-vis providing alternative sources of safe drinking water for the people of those areas where arsenic contamination in ground water is above the maximum permissible limit of 0.05 mg/liter.

Total Tube well Arsenic Found Arsenic mg/liter
417 234 >.05

Model Village

Year Village Family Beneficiary Coverage
Male Female Total
2011-2012 01 354 1016 1068 2084 71%
Cumulative 19 1251 17699 17814 35513

Village Development Committee

illage Development Committee is formed in every village of the working area ensuring representatives of different stakeholders from the community like, Social leader, Teacher, Religion leader, women representative, Local govt. personnel etc.

Village Sanitation Centre

YPSA established two static and Six mobile Village Sanitation Centre (VSC) in Sitakund & Mirshary working area. In the VSC s hygienic latrines are produced, demonstrated and sold

Future Plan

YPSA-HYASAWA program is being supported by NGO Forum & YPSA own fund.  It has been implemented through integrated approach with YPSA’s other program. YPSA’s working area is Arsenic contaminated area so there is scope to take special project on it. Although there is some achievement of HYASAWA program, it we want to work in vast scale it needs to be reorganized. It has been observed that for HYASAWA program financial and technical support was not sufficient. Here it is very essential to allocate more fund and technical support to reach the goal of the HYASAWA program. We have planned Achieve MDG for to increase 50% population coverage safe water through 2015 by 100% Sanitation Coverage setting up of Arsenic Removal plant. Also installing of Ring well in the arsenic effective area. In the same time As a result which will reduce 80% of child mortality rate by 2015 with in working area.