Promoting Safe Water and Sanitation at East Bakalia in Chittagong

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Project Location: The project will implement in Taktar pole slum of Ward-18 (East Bakalia) of Chittagong City Corporation area.

Funded by: The Kadoori Charitable Foundation, Hong Kong

Project Objectives:

  • To improve the condition of safe water & sanitation service, hygiene practice and drainage systems of Taktar pole slum of East Bakalia Ward in Chittagong City Corporation
  • To develop community capacity in order to facilitate construction, operation and management of water & sanitation facilities and drainage system through inclusive and practical community based approach.

To increase community awareness on Safe water & sanitation and good hygiene practices and behaviour for promoting healthier life among the people of Taktar pole slum of East Bakalia Ward in Chittagong City Corporation.

Summary of the project

The project has designed to promote standards of hygiene practices and behaviour on a sustainable basis with the participation of community people of Taktar pole slum of East Bakalia ward under Chittagong City Corporation area. The project will extend both hardware and software services to the people in need.

The project will take initiative for:

  1. A base line survey will also be conducted to know the basic facts and information on safe water, sanitation, drainage and waste management system, hygiene practice and behavior of Taktar pole slum
  2. Improve sanitation by
    1. Installing 6 and repairing 6 water sources,
    2. Installing 12 and repairing 12 sanitary latrines in 12 locations (one male, one female at each location),
    3. Repairing drainage system and waste management system in the community,
    4. Providing 3 garbage trolley vans.
    5. Establishing 12 Community Management Committees, each consists of 5 members from land holders, community leaders and community people in 12 locations in the slum, who will be responsible to monitor, follow up and maintain the facilities.
  3. 60 members of 12 Management Committees will receive 1 orientation and 2 training for developing their capacity to manage adequate sanitation and safe water facilities through strong community management mechanism.
  4. Awareness building initiatives like
    1. 100 awareness sessions with the slum dwellers on the uses and maintenance of safe water, sanitation, drainage and waste management system (50), personal hygiene and adolescent reproductive health (50),
    2. 42 health camps at slum areas for providing health services through satellite clinic,
    3. 12 demonstration sessions on hygiene behaviour for the slum dwellers,
    4. 4 National and International days,
    5. 80 cleanliness day (one in each week in each of the location of the slum) with the participation of slum dwellers and Management Committee and
    6. Publish and distribute poster, information board and pictorial fact sheet also will be arranged so that the system will work and people can be safe from health hazards caused by unsafe water and sanitation system.

The project will be implemented with the direct involvement of the target community. About 1,500 poor and vulnerable people of Taktar pole slum of East Bakalia ward of Chittagong City Corporation will be directly benefited from the project.