Safer life of Girl Domestic Workers

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YPSA Stall at Child Festival
Project Sharing Workshop for the employers of the Girl Domestic Workers
Meeting with employers of the Girl Domestic Workers in Bnaskhali
Annual Picnic for the girl domestic workers in Chittagong
Workshop with employers of the Girl Domestic Workers
Yearly picnic of Girl Domestic Workers in CTG Shishu Park
Yearly picnic of Girl Domestic Workers in CTG Shishu Park

Name of the project

Safer Life of Girl Domestic Worker Project (SLGDW)

Supported by: Shapla Neer

Implemented by: Young Power in Social Action (YPSA)

Overall Goal

The number of Girl Domestic Workers will be reduced.

Project Purpose

 To reduce the number of GDWs below 12 years old working in 2 catchments area of Bakalia and Mehedibag.


First face: April, 2010 – March, 2012

Second face: June, 2012- March, 2013

Geographical Coverage: Chittagong City Corporation (Mehedibag & Bakalia)


Chittagong City is one of the most populated cities in Bangladesh. Total area of Chittagong City is According to the Chittagong City Corporation, the total area of Chittagong City is about 100 square km.  Total population of Chittagong city has a population of 4 million, male 54.36% and female 45.64% live in Chittagong city Corporation area.  People from different socio economic strata live in this city. Most of comparatively better off families recruit domestic workers for different domestic work. It has been observed that most of these families recruit girls as domestic workers. Employers in the urban areas usually recruit Girls from their village homes through family, relatives, friends or neighbors. Girl domestic workers live with their employers each and every thing of girl domestic workers are controlled by employers who are residing full time at employers’ homes. All these girls come from poor and extreme poor families.

To reduce the number of Girl Domestic Workers below 12 years in the catchment areas from where the GDW’s are coming, YPSA launched the project “Safer Life of Girl Domestic Workers” on 1st June 2012 in Chittagong City Corporation. The adolescent domestic workers   are deprived from basic facilities. Poor parents have no option but to turn their kids into slaves at the mercy of employers who save money by employing child labor. But at employers homes they are not safe always and tortured in different forms besides they have no leisure, get up from sleep early morning and go to bed late night. They don’t have proper accommodation, no adequate food though domestic worker have to work 18 to 20 hours in a day and also no medication facilities at employers homes.

There is no system of conducts for girl domestic workers and code of conduct for employers. YPSA have completed Project named “Safer Life of Girl Domestic Worker” with the support of Shapla Neer from June, 2010 to May, 2012 in Chittagong City Corporation, Mirsarai and Banshkhali Upazilla under Chittgong District. Under this project YPSA established two Centres at Bakalia and Mehedibag in Chittagong City Corporation which are branded as ‘ANANDALOK’(A Place to Learn with Pleasure for GDWs).


To increase the level of confidence of GDWs

Part time GDWs’ parents enroll/admit their daughter to mainstream schools (govt. primary school and NGO School).

To make aware employers towards the responsibilities of GDWs.

Project Activities:  (Achievement from June, 12 to March’13)

Preparatory activities:

  • Staff capacity development training on Early Childhood Development, communication & mobilization, facilitation skills. (3 training in 3 years):
  • Arrange exposure visit for staff (1 exposure visit):
  • Household information collection from catchments area of Bakalia & Mehedibag in Chittagong city:
  • Training (5 days) on social survey for rural study:
  • Research work in rural areas.

Activities under Output 1:  To increase the level of confidence of GDWs

1.1 YPSA run 2 centres (existing 2) in the urban area for GDWs:

1.2 YPSA staffs visit employer’s and guardians home for enrolling GDW in centre. (50 house in each centre per month total 3600 house in 3 years):

1.3 YPSA Provides Basic Education (bangla, English, Math), Life Skills Education (LSE) including materials like book, khata, pen, pencil.

1.4 YPSA takes session on drawing, story-telling, messages delivering trough digital talking book and play music.

YPSA arranges 03 graduation exam for GDWs

YPSA provide skill based training for all enrolled GDWs on house hold work, cooking, ironing, hand stitching, packet making, sewing and ECD according to module.

YPSA arranges GDWs experience sharing session on their own life.

YPSA arranges recreational events (Picnic , sports and cultural competition) for GDWs :

Activities under Output – 2: To increase the rate of enrollment of GDWs to school by their parents

2.1 YPSA Identifies 9 primary and NGO led schools around in urban centre and slum.

2.2 YPSA prepares age (8 – 11 yrs) wise GDWs     list enrolled in ANANDALOK centre.

2.3 YPSA arranges meeting with SMC (School Management Committee) members and teachers enroll / admit ANANDALOK module completion children. (total 12 meetings will be held under 2 centres half yearly basis).

2.4 YPSA shares age wise enrolled GDWs list with Identified SMC and teachers.

2.5 YPSA admits ANANDALOK module completion children (age 8 – 11) to primary or NGO Schools and keep follow up.

2.6 YPSA arranges quarterly awareness rising meeting on importance of child education, HO (High Court Order) and CRC with parents/guardians. (total 24 meetings under 2 centers)

Activities under Output – 3: To make aware the employers towards the responsibilities of GDWs.

3.1 YPSA arrange quarterly meeting with employers on awareness raising on GDW issue (CRC and HO) -(Total 24 meetings by 3 years).

3.2 YPSA arrange workshop on GDW issue (HO) with media personnel, local govt., NGO personnel, Officers of women & child affairs. (2 workshop in 1st year).

3.3 YPSA develop, printing & distribution of study report (200 copies) IEC materials on GDW issue (4000 copies):

SLGDW Project idea replication

YPSA has started a new Project replicating the center operation idea of “Safer Life of Girl Domestic Worker Project”. The “Mainstreaming the Children of Street Based Sex Workers (CSBSW) through Integrated Education Program” has started from January, 2013 with the support of HSBC Future First Fund in the Chittagong City Corporation and Comilla City Corporation. Already 02 learning center in Chittagong City and 01 learning center in Comilla City has established for the children.  These 03 Center Officers has visited Anandalok Bakalia Center for their learning.


  • It is difficult to convince landlord to rent their house for center.
  • To enroll the GDW’s in the Govt. School without admission fee.
  • To convince the employer of full time GDW’s for school enrollment.
  • To continue the School enrolled GDW’s after left their domestic work.
  • To adjust the GDW’s coming from different background with center environment.
  • Due to security concern access to residential apartment is very tough.


  • The number of part time GDW’s enrollment is more than fulltime GDW’s.
  • Those GDW’s, who are involve with sewing and hand stiching training, more committed to their work.
  • GDW’s more than 12 years as well as having step father/mother in their family, is not interested to live with their parents.
  • Few employers are interested to send their GDW’s at Anandalok but GDW’s are not interested to come in the center.
  • More than 12 years GDW’s parents interested to employ their girls as full timer GDW’s. Parents expect from employers large amount of money for daughters marriage.
  • GDW’s parents express interest to purchase sewing machine for their girls, who has been receiving sewing training.
  • Most of the GDW’s family members believe that their girls will become domestic worker in future.


YPSA has established a very strong rapport with local govt. primary, NGO School, community people,  local Govt & Media, CBOs, NGOs & Local Leaders in its working areas which is now equipped with skills and knowledge and capable enough to continue the momentum of the project. These Network members are very much effective and dynamic and gave a tremendous effort for achieving the goal of the existing project. The rapports are very much enthusiastic to stop recruiting girl child as domestic help in their respective areas. They also will continue their support to local authority in implementing and ensuring the enforcement and monitoring of High Court Order Declares.

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