Saving and Investment Society

Goal of S & I Society

Economical & Humanitarian development by savings and profitable investment through combined effort


Creating unity, cooperation, friendship, affection, brotherhood ness by mutual introduction and sharing of opinions among the members of society.

Future security and uses of money for self necessity through regular small amount of savings

Arrangement of highest profit of one’s capital by safe investment

Creating self-confidence & spirit for own development among the members of the society

Providing the extensive facilities to the members from the society


From 1996 On going

Target beneficiary

Initially only general members of YPSA and its staff are the eligible for the members of society but at present members of the society are as follows.

Mandatory for all YPSA staff

General members of YPSA

Family members of YPSA staff and general members

Major Activities

Savings accumulation

Invest accumulated money to the reliable sector

Interest disbursement to the client

Record keeping and accounting.

Sl no. Description Achievement as of June’06
01 Total members 218
02 Total savings Coll. during the Year with June ’05 savings balance 471910
03 Savings withdrawal (dropout) in 2005-06 13000
03 Total Investment 400000
04 Interest given in June’06 29143


YPSA-S&I Society has been established to secure the future of staff and general members of YPSA and their family. A five-member management team is responsible to operate this society and general members of the society elect them for 2 years where President-1, Member secretary -1, Finance secretary-1 and Members-2. Beside these, there have associate members on behalf of society’s management committee in every respective project/Program/Field Offices. It is planned, in future to expand the activities of the society beyond YPSA following with proper Govt. regulation.