Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) and YPSA’s Program

YPSA supports United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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Sl no Plan for the next 5 years (July 2021- June 2023) Major activities SDG Targets of SDG
Thematic Area : Health
1 Shukhi Jibon (SRH & Family planning)
  • Strengthen knowledge and community support to build a protective environment for SRH services for adolescent and Youth girls and boys
  • IEC Material development for capacity building on SRHR.
  • Social Media and media campaign
  • Strengthen referral mechanism
  • Awareness sessions arranged by Community Resource pool members, Peer educators and school club members for adolescents aged 10-19 and youth up to 24 years old
  • Sensitization meeting to strengthen community support to build a protective environment with relevant stakeholders.
  • Capacity building for community resource pool members, peer educators and school club members and assigned teachers to strengthen their knowledge on SRH information and services
Goal 3 Target 3.7
2 Harm Reduction and Opioid Substitution Therapy (OST) Service Package for Male and Female PWID (Service Package-26)
  • Increase the identification of PLHIV and to prevent new HIV infections among the PWID in selected district of the country providing standard service packages
  • Identification of STIs among the population and treat accordingly
  • Provide universal access to treatment, care and support services for the people living with HIV among the PWID/ DUs for ensuring viral load suppression
  • Ensure treatment and rehabilitation for the DUs/ PWID
  • Strengthen the coordination mechanisms and management capacity at different levels to ensure an effective national multi-sectoral HIV&AIDS response especially treatment and rehabilitation.
Goal 3 Target 3.3
3 Response to the needs of Older People amongst Host Community in Bangladesh
  • Primary Health Support
  • Provide Necessary Health treatment
  • Provide Basic Medicine
Goal 3 Target 3.4


4 BD WASH program
  • Provide Hygienic latrine & portable water to the poor vulnerable people
Goal 6 Target: 6.1, 6.2, 6 b
5 YPSA Therapy Center


  • treatment to restore, maintain, and make the most of a patient’s mobility, function, and well-being
  • provide physio treatment outside of a traditional clinic setting.
  • Provide massages, heat therapy, exercises, electrotherapy, patient education, and advice for treating an injury, ailment, or deformity
Goal 3 Target 3.4


6 Health Emergency response
  • Awareness activities in health emergency situation.
  • Youth group mobilization to respond health emergencies.
Goal 3 Target 3.4


Thematic Area : Education
1 Evergreen International School (EIS)


  • Providing child-friendly quality education.
  • Ensuring inclusive education.
  • Ensuring regular contact with guardians and accept their recommendations and constructive feedback to maintain pragmatic education system.
Goal 4 Target: 4.1, 4.5, 4.a
2 Kazi Para Shishu Nekatan and Alekdia Shishu Neketan (Primary School)
  • Providing child-friendly quality education.
  • Ensuring inclusive education.
  • Ensuring regular contact with guardians and accept their recommendations and constructive feedback to maintain pragmatic education system.
Goal 4 Target: 4.1, 4.5, 4.a
3 BGD Second Chance Education
  • Coordination among the students, guardians and SMC
  • Monthly coordination meeting with guardians and SMC
  • Monthly refreshers of the teachers
  • Learning programs for the students
  • Days observation
Goal 4 Target: 4.2
4 YPSA-SCI Education in Emergency (EiE) Rohingya Response Project
  • Establishing learning centers for Rohingya children


Goal 4 Target 4.5
5 Education Cannot Wait (ECW)


  • Establish 50 Community-Based Learning Facilities (CBLF) for Rohingya children & adolescent girls.
  • ECCD Program for 3-5 years Rohingya children
  • Life-skills education for 13-18 adolescent girls in the Rohingya community
  • Provide support to 20 Government Primary Schools (GPA) in the host communities
  • Teaching-learning support for Pre-School students.
  • Strengthening School Management Committee (SMC)
  • Develop School Development Plan providing with required support.
Goal 4 Target 4.5
Thematic Area : Human Rights and Good Governance
1 Fairer labour migration in Bangladesh
  • Establish grievance management system
  • Increase accountability of Migration service providers
  • Awareness development on safe migration
Goal 10 Target 10.7
2 Community Engagement in Countering Violent Extremism in Chattogram Division (CEVEC)
  • Make awareness on different types of VE issues and grow a sense of confidence to Youths
  • Reduce the vulnerability of Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals (FDMN) to recruitment by violent extremist groups
  • Strengthen the capacity of Local Government authorities, journalists and religious leaders on PVE
  • Increase the sense of purpose among teachers and students through their involvement in PVE initiatives
  • Reduce the infection and  impact of COVID-19 among the community
Goal 16 Target: 16.1, 16. a
3 USAID’s Fight Slavery and Trafficking-In-Persons (FSTIP) Activity ·         Survivor enrollment

·         Life skills training

·         IGA for survivors

·         Seed support for survivors

·         Vocational training and Education support for Child marriage survivors

·         Anirban – Survivors voice group

·         Shelter home and basic support

·         District directory review program

·         Referral services for loan support

Goal 8 Target: 8.7, 8.8
4 ASTHA: Strengthening Access to Multi-sectoral Public Services for GBV Survivors in Bangladesh ·         Legal Counseling

·         Case Management

·         Psychosocial Support

·         Awareness session on GBV

·         Response and Mitigation

·         Coordination

Goal 5 Target: 5.1, 5.2
5 HER Project Finance Digital Wages Program ·         Capacity Building

·         Life Skill Training

·         Financial Inclusion of Garments workers

Goal 5


Goal 8

Target: 5.b


Target 8.2

6 Safety First Raising Awareness of Ship-recycling Workers Needs and Providing Training on Occupation

Health and Safety, Bangladesh

·         Provides training on health safety and security

·         Collects the compensation of labour accidental death from ship owner Developed a welfare fund of labour

·         Advocacy meeting with ship owners

Goal 8 Target:  8.8
7 Promoting Peace for Justice in Chattogram ·      Legal Literacy

·      Legal Aid

·      Functional the Legal Committees as Union Legal Aid Committee, Upazila Legal Aid Committee;

·      Strengthen the referral Mechanism, IEC Material Development

Goal 16 Target: 16.1, 16.3, 16.6,
8 Promoting Peace for Justice in Cox’sBazar ·      Legal Literacy

·      Legal Aid

·      Functional the Legal Committees as Union Legal Aid Committee, Upazila Legal Aid Committee

·      Strengthen the referral Mechanism, IEC Material Development

Goal 16 Target: 16.1, 16.3, 16.6,
9 Inclusion works ·      Make awareness of the rights of women with person with disabilities

·      Provide leadership training to women and PWDs

·      Advocacy meeting with employers on decent work for women and PWDs

·      Form DPO and their capacity Development

10 Combating Early Marriage in Bangladesh ·      Law Orientation; Function the child marriage prevention committee (CMPC)

·      Increase awareness on child marriage

Goal 5


Target: 5.3
11 Women and Girls Empowerment in Chattogram Hill Tracts through Education and Skills ·      School Group Formation

·      Quarterly Meeting

·      Personal Hygiene and SRHR Session

·      Awareness Session on Early Marriage

·      Cash Incentive for safe back school (reduce drop out)

Goal 4


Goal 5

Target: 4.1


Target: 5.2

12 Emergency Health, WASH and Protection Assistance for COVID-19 Response in Underserved Areas of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh ·         Prevention and Response to Gender-Based Violence;

·         Established 10 no’s Women Girls Space Shelter (WGSS) at Union level

·         Work with child violence standing committee; Develop Self-Help Groups

·         Develop GBV Watch Groups; Dignity Kit Distribution

13 Adolescents and Youth Program of UNFPA Bangladesh ·         Gender transformative CLSE, SRHR and youth livelihoods programs;  child marriage prevention ; adolescents and youth in humanitarian contexts Goal 5



Goal 8

Target: 5.1, 5.3, 5.6


Target: 8.5, 8.6

14 Program to Promote Youth Engagement in Democratic Processes and the Protection of Human Rights in Bangladesh and Nepal ·         Provide leadership skills and knowledge of youth-led grassroots organizations and networks for civic and political

·         Participation; exposure visit; policy reform and change; networking

Goal 8


Goal 16

Target: 8.6


Target: 16.3, 16.6

Thematic Area : Economic Empowerment

1 Economic Development Program (EDP) ·         Group formations with Poor, hardcore poor man and women.

·         Savings mobilization

·         Provide Loan support

·         Enterprise development

·         Capacity building of Members

·         IGA Loan Disbursement

·         Asset Creation Loan Disbursement

·         House Loan Disbursement

·         Increase Micro Finance and Micro Enterprise support

·         Increase Branch number

·         Remittance receive and delivery

Goal 1 Goal: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3


2 Enhancing Resources and Increasing Capacities of Poor Households towards Elimination of their Poverty
ENRICH – Program
·    Health-related activities (Satellite Clinic, Health Camp, Cataract Operation, Deworming, and Wash activities)

·    Education assistance to combat dropout

·    Savings & loan activities

·    Eco-friendly stove preparation & marketing

·    Production of a Bashok as a medicinal plant

·    Beggar Rehabilitation program

·    Vegetables and Seed distribution

·    Special Savings Program

·    Youth creating development and Create employment

·    Establishment of ENRICH Ward Center

·    Support to farmers for Vermi Compost production

·    Social infrastructure development activities (bridge, culvert repairing, tube well and latrine installation)

Goal 10 Target: 10.2
3 Ensuring a sustainable livelihood for People with Disabilities through Inclusive Financing Program ·    Inclusion of Person with disabilities in the group of economic development program

·    Provide training to the Persons with disabilities in income generation and technical knowledge

·    Train them with leadership, capacity building and mobility training

·    Provide loan facilities with easy and low service charge

·    Loan facilities to the Persons with disabilities

·    Advocacy meeting with Local Government

·    Awareness campaign

·    Supporting good entrepreneurs to expand the business

·    Assistive Device Distribution

·    Grant Support for persons with disabilities.

Goal 1


Goal 8

Target: 1.4


Target: 8.5

4 Livelihood development program for elderly people ·    Provided allowance 500 taka each month.

·    Provide blankets, torch lights, umbrella, wheel chairs & other items.

·    Awareness-raising meeting for Elderly people at Ward and Union level.

·    Provide health care support

·     Conduct elderly people income-generating activities training

·     “Loan for Elderly Peoples Income Generation” with low services charge.

·    Running Social center for Elderly people

Goal 1


Goal 3

Target: 1.4


Target: 3.4

5 Integrated program by Agriculture Unit, Fisheries & Livestock Unit ·    Agricultural, fisheries, livestock farm demonstration by using modern and organic method.

·    Introduce new technologies like Turkey rearing and hatchery, fish culture in tank, fruit bag.

·    Field days and Exposure visits

·    Modern trainings have been arranged in agriculture, fisheries and livestock.

·    Motivate farmers to grow high values and high yield crops like dragon fruit, baby water melon, summer tomato, sea bass culture, prawn and crab culture, high yield breed cow rearing, Khashi fattening.

·    Input Support.

·    Awareness meeting

Goal 2






Target: 2.3, 2.4, 2.5
6 Controlling Tobacco Cultivation by diversification of Crop Cultivation and Creation Versatile Income Source ·    Field Demonstration

·    Farmers Training

·    Exposer Visit and Field Day

·    No Tobacco day Celebration

·    Awareness Meeting

·    Input Support  (Livestock and Agricultural )

Goal 3 Target: 3.b
7 YPSA –BSRM livelihood project ·    Loan support

·    IGA Training

·    Awareness Meeting

·    Field Demonstration

Goal 1 Target 1.1, 1.2, 1.4
8 Sustainable Enterprise project (SEP) ·    Strengthening access to financial service

·    Revenue generating common service

·    Non-revenue generating common Service

·    Capacity development of PO

·    Capacity development of MEs

Goal 1 Goal: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3


9 YPSA- RMTP Safe Dairy and Meat products Project. ·    Capacity development Training

·    Vaccination Camp

·    Input and Grant support

·    Demonstration

·    Demi

·    Certification

·    Meet processing plant

·    Veterinary clinic

·    Online Veterinary hat

·    Established Cattle and Dairy farm

·    Linkage and network  with different companies

10 RMTP – YPSA High value fruits and crops extension and marketing ·    High Value Fruits Cultivation.

·    Agro Farming

·    Farm Demonstration

·    Input Grant support

·    Nursery development

·    High value crop production

·    Linkage with LSP

·    Food Processing by entrepreneur

·    Established High Value Fruits Farm

·    Linkage and network  with different companies

Goal 2






Target: 2.3, 2.4, 2.5
11 Create employment of the poor household through Vetkhi-Tilapia-Carp poly culture ·    Training for Fisheries

·    Vetkhi-Tilapia-Carp farming

·    Input service

·    Demonstration

Goal 2






Target: 2.3, 2.4, 2.5
12 YPSA-BSRM Integrated Agro Development Project at Sitakund and Mirshari ·    Conduct Training

·    Seed Distribution

·    Demonstration Plot

·    Publication

·    Video Documentation

·    Input Support

Goal 2






Target: 2.3, 2.4,
13 Agricultural Consumer Product Production and Market Expansion ·    Entrepreneur Development

·    Market linkage

·    Make a platform for small entrepreneur

·    Provide Training

·    Input support

·    BSTI Certification

Goal 2






Target: 2.3, 2.4, 2.5
14 Recovery and Advancement of informal Sector Employment (RAISE) ·    IGA Training

·    Entrepreneur Development

·    Loan Support

·    Grant Support

·    Market Linkage

Goal 4 Target: 4.4
15 YPSA Human resources center ·    Increase Capacity Building for Staff and Community

·    Asset Creation for Organization.

·    Economic and Entrepreneurship development

·    Conduct organization own training as well as conducting various public and private trainings.

·    Assist the students of different public / private universities in field visits

Goal 4 Target : 4.3, 4.4, 4.7

Thematic Area : Environment and Climate Change

1 Addressing the rights and needs of climate forced displaced people in South-Eastern Coast (CJRF Climate Relocation Project) ·    Community awareness session

·    Formation of community team

·    Capacity building of climate induced displaced people through providing life skilled training and need based input supports.

·    Providing tube well and hygiene toilet for ensuring drinking water and hygiene sanitation

·    Startup capital support to Climate induced displaced people for IGA.

·    Relocate climate displaced household

Goal 13


Goal 11

Target: 13.a


Target: 11.7

2 Leadership for Advancing Development in Bangladesh (LEAD Bangladesh) ·         Select eligible youth participant for youth leadership training

·         Conduct 5 day youth leadership training on climate action

·         Regular coordination with youth groups for the social development issue particularly on climate action.

·         Form social action project by youth

·         Advocacy with local administration, community leaders for implement social action project at community level

·         Community study visit

Goal 13 Target: 13.3, 13.b
3 Bangladesh Housing, Land and Property (HLP) Rights Initiative (HLP Project) ·         Land Acquisition & relocation of Climate Displaced People Goal 13 Target: 13.1, 13.3, 13.b
4 Plastic Waste Management in Chattogram City (Plastic Project) ·         People awareness program

·         IEC Materials Development and Distribution

·         Video documentary and broadcast at local cable/Social media on plastic waste segregation at household

·         Promoting advocacy to Social Leaders / Religion Leaders on waste segregation

·         Clean environment School Campaign

·         Resource Mapping for plastic waste sectors

·         Capacity Development Training to Waste Pickers

·         Cash Incentive to waste pickers (per kg-2 BDT for LDPE collection)

·         Coordination with Ward base Waste Management Committee

·         Consultation meeting with Entrepreneur and Ward Office of Chittagong city corporation.

·         Capacity Development Training to Entrepreneur

·         Capacity Strengthen Support to Entrepreneur (wash and space)

·         Protective safety gear support to recovery waste pickers

·         Business Networking Meeting between Entrepreneur and Recycler

·         Regular coordination with Chattogram city corporation and facilitate City Corporation on arranging monthly coordination meeting of Waste Management Standing Committee.

Goal 11 Target: 11.6
5 Improvement of Ecotourism Industry at Mirsharai and Sitakunda in Chattogram” Entitled Value Chain Development Project. ·         Established Home Stay Service for Tourist

·         Workshop on ‘Ecotourism and business management’ for the service provider

·         Boat Ride Service

·         Breast Feeding Corner:

·         Kayaking Service

·         Conduct E –commerce Training for services provider.

·         Awareness about the preservation of environment and Garbage management

·         Advertisement through FM Radio and Media.

Goal 15 Target 15.1, 15.4
6 Community Partnerships to Strengthen Sustainable Development Program ( COMPASS) ·         Community level meeting near forest area and will provide refreshment for Meeting participants

·         Organize Job fair for Youth graduates.

·         Coordination meeting with different stakeholders for climate action

·         Organize Internship for tailoring graduates in different suitable area as per participant’s interest.

·         Form Alumni of Youth Conservation Corps (YCC)

·         Income-Generating Activity (IGA) and input support for YCC graduates for self employed

·         Provide seed support to youth on fostering their initiative (SAP).

·         Organize Youth Hackathon for climate change idea competition

Goal 13 Target: 13.3, 13.b

Thematic Area : Disaster Risk Reduction and Humanitarian Response

1 An Urban Resilient  Project (Proyash-II) ·         Train 300 UCVs to act as first responder

·         Activate Ward disaster management committee

·         Form CBO groups for reducing risk at community level

·         School safety plan

·         Networking with Local govt and local administration


Goal 13 Target: 13.1, 13.3, 13.b
2 Addressing emergency needs through multipurpose CASH programme for food security and livelihood support for the flood affected host communities in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh


·         Cash support for food

·         Dignity kits distribution

·         Provide age friendly health service

·         Establish age friendly wash facilities

·         Counseling support


Goal 1 Target: 1.5
3 Addressing host-community’s emergency needs of Health, WASH, and Protection due to COVID-19 in underserved areas of Cox’s Bazar


·         Awareness Session with beneficiaries on GBV, Adolescent sexual reproductive health and rights  Among host community Goal 1 Target: 1.5
4 Sustainable and comprehensive
protection program for host communities impacted by the Rohingya crisis in Bangladesh
·    Awareness Session with beneficiaries on GBV, Adolescent sexual reproductive health and rights  Among host community Goal 1 Target: 1.5
5 BGD AHP Rohingya Response Phase # 3 – CP Theme


·    Awareness Sessions and training on CP, Disability Inclusion and Case Management

·    Learning sharing workshop

·    Emergency Needs based support.

Goal 1 Target: 1.5
6 Shelter Assistance for Forcibly Displaced Rohingya and Host Populations in Bangladesh ·    Construct 1055 MTS (Mid Term Shelter) Shelter

·    Construct 343 Latrines

·    Construct 343 Bathing Spaces

·    Installation 1368 Solar and 1368 Fire Extinguisher

·    Construct 115 Mujib Year’s Shelter

Goal 1 Target: 1.5
7 Emergency Multi – Sector Rohingya Crisis Response Project (EMRCRP) ·    Conduct life skills and life enhancement sessions

·    Training on Combating reduce early marriage

·    Training on SGBV, Gender Equalities and ASRHR,

·    Awareness session on Prevention of drug uses, Prevention of Human trafficking and Facilitate TfD.

Goal 1 Target: 1.5
8 Emergency NFIs and Cash Grant supports to the massive fire affected people in the camps & host community in Ukhiya of Cox’s Bazar ·    NFI Support

·    Cash Support to Host Community

·    Dignity kit distribution


Goal 1 Target: 1.5
9 Food Distribution Project 2021 for Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals (FDMN) Shifted to Bhasan Char under Noakhali District of Bangladesh ·    Food procurement

·    Food packaging

·    Food distribution

·    Post distribution monitoring (PDM)

·    Facilitate CRM (Complaint Response Mechanism)

Goal 1 Target: 1.5
10 General Food Assistance Program ·    Facilitate the target Rohingya Refugees to have freedom to select their preferred food commodities through e-voucher and in-kind modalities

·    Ensure Minimum 2,100 kcal. Per person per day to improve dietary diversity as protein-rich item in normal situation in the Rohingya Camps

·    Ensure in-kind food assistance for life saving of the Rohingya Refugees in Emergency Period

Goal 1 Target: 1.5
11 Community Communication Skill Development for Social Awareness ·    Develop radio content (Issue based) specially Social cohesion

·    Provide Capacity development training to local Journalist on News Development and Communication skill development

·    Provide Life Skill training on Social Cohesion

·    Organize Audio Festival

Goal 1 Target: 1.5
12 Integrated Assistance Program in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh ·    Train 1500 OP on Nutrition and Emergency food

·    Provide Skill Development training to 750 OP

·    Provide Life Skill training to 1500 OP

Goal 1 Target: 1.5
13 YPSA Self-Reliance-Disability and Age inclusion ·    Train 1500 OP on Nutrition and Emergency food

·    Provide Skill Development training to 750 OP

·    Provide Life Skill training to 1500 OP

·    Provide Livelihood training to 1500 OP

Goal 1 Target: 1.5

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