WISH2ACTION: Women’s Integrated Sexual Health Project

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Youth & Women-Friendly-Space
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Title of the project: WISH2ACTION: Women’s Integrated Sexual Health Project

Duration of the project: 01 June 2019 to 31 July 2021

Funded by: DFID

Supported by: Handicap International-Humanity & Inclusion (HI)

Implemented by: YPSA


YPSA in Sitakund, Chattogram, Bangladesh is implementing the project called WISH in partnership with HI, which is a comprehensive, integrated approach to ensure equitable access to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) and family planning. This project is funded by DFID, implemented in a consortium of; Marie Stopes Bangladesh, Options Consultancy Services Ltd and HI Bangladesh.


To ensure equitable access to family planning and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) among young, marginalized and people with disabilities in Bangladesh.

Target Population:

Underserved women and girls particularly young under 20 years, the poor and marginalized populations including people with and without disabilities, displaced or persons affected by humanitarian crisis and people living in hard to reach areas.

Project Coverage:

YPSA is implementing the project directly at Sitakund Upazila in Chattogram with the partnership of HI at 10 Unions of Sitakund, Chattogram, Bangladesh.

Activities of the Project:

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Project General Activity:

  1. Inception workshop.
  2. Staff coordination meetings at sites

Pillar-01: Inclusive Culture:

M 1.5: Awareness messages on disability inclusive SRH services finalized

  1. Conduct assessment of the Social and behavioral barriers to accessing services and analysis of the Socio behavioral barriers and facilitators to access to SRH services for young, poor and marginalized woman with disability.

M 1.6: Constituted steering committees members are individually sensitized towards the inclusion of DPOs in them.

  1. Organize GO-NGO coordination meetings at district/central level.
  2. Assist to organize Bi-monthly CMC meetings to review service provision and plans for improvement.

M 1.7: Awareness material designed and validated

  1. Provide 2 days training to service providers and consortium partners on inclusive SBCC material use.

Pillar-02: Quality of Care

M 2.4: Improvement action plan is drafted and recommendations are given to every facility.

  1. Conduct physical accessibility work.
  2. Identify disability focal person and provide support.

Pillar-03: Coordination

M 3.4: A training plan is drafted and validated with the relevant partners.

Organize training on WGQ for service providers & partners

New Activities for COVID 19 Response:

MC.3: Support is provided to persons with disabilities based on their needs in terms of COVID-19 pandemic.

A C3.1   Distribute WASH kit among beneficiaries household

A C3.2   Provide materials support (buy commodities, sanitary napkins etc) to extreme poor beneficiaries

A C3.3   Referral support to person with disabilities ( COVID related)

A C3.4   Develop disability inclusive and accessible SBCC messages on COVID-19, including SRH & FP management in pandemic situation

A C3.5   CHWs and DPO staff will provide awareness messages on COVID & SRH/FP to beneficiaries through phone calls and/or one-to-one session and/or using social media, community radio respecting COVID situation evolution (fortnightly one session)