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Young Power in Social Action (YPSA) is an organization for sustainable development and NGO in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC)

UNESCO Remote Radio Week 2021 : video testimony of Chief Executive of YPSA broadcasted


Md. Arifur Rahman, Chief Executive of YPSA gave a speech on UNESCO Remote Radio Week. His video testimony has been played at the international UNESCO Remote Radio Week on 4th November. He talks about the topic “How radio can inform and foster dialogue with an isolated displaced community”.

Here is the link:

UNESCO Remote Radio Week 2021 (1 to 5 NOVEMBER) is a week devoted to helping radio stations broadcast remotely. Insights and suggestions on how to keep your radio business operating through any crisis.

UNESCO Remote Radio Week 2021 is organized by UNESCO in partnership with WHO, Remote Radio Week is an online training programme aimed at building the capacity of local radio stations to produce accurate and professional radio content in the event of containment measures or emergencies, including financial difficulties. The programme, which will also be available on demand, will cover the several thematic areas, with particular reference to the pandemic crisis. The programme targets Radio operators, professionals and managers worldwide with a particular attention to the needs of local radio stations. Remote Radio Week will propose distinct programmes in English, French, Spanish and Arabic during the day, featuring experts, examples, debates and technical tips for the audience.