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Young Power in Social Action (YPSA) is an organization for sustainable development and NGO in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC)

Terms of Reference (ToR) for Market Assessment


YPSA (Young Power in Social Action ) in association with International Rescue Committee (IRC) and Global Affairs Canada (GAC) has started implementing a project titled ‘ Integrated SRH and SGBV Service Delivery for Rohingya Refugees in Cox’s Bazar Bangladeshin Ukhiya and Teknaf, Cox’s Bazar since June 2021.

860,697 Rohingya refugees are currently living in Cox’s Bazar. 81% of these refugees have settled in the Ukhiya Sub-district, and 19% in the Teknaf Sub-district, representing a third of the total population in these areas. Refugees are at heightened risk of violence, with the safety and security of women and girls a major concern. Rohingya women and girls in Cox’s Bazar face many challenges in the community as they navigate within a deeply rooted patriarchal society with defined gender roles including limited access to sexual and reproductive health (SRH) information and services. The prevalence of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and related infection preventive measures such as lockdown and movement restrictions have created direct and indirect negative social, economic, and psychosocial impacts on women and girls and other marginalized groups. This situation has intensified overall SGBV risks while limiting access to basic services in general, and SGBV response services in particular.

The IRC safety audit confirmed that Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) remains a challenge for women and girls and has increased during COVID-19. However, access to services remains limited due to fear of the stigma associated with cultural norms around SGBV on one hand and the COVID-19 restrictions on the other. Moreover, cases were underreported due to movement restrictions and women and girls being caught in  camp and residing with their abusers. The high rate of SGBV has consequences on the health and emotional wellbeing of women and girls which can include unwanted pregnancy, abortion, and denial of resources.

Therefore, there is a clear and vital need to continue providing quality and timely SGBV services for women and girls in Cox’s Bazar Rohingya camps including case management, psychosocial support, clinical care along with adequate SRHR services to support vulnerable adolescent girls in particular. To ensure service delivery in a holistic way it is important to reinforce referral to other services such as specialized mental health and legal services Social norms that discourage health seeking by pregnant women indicate a high need also for 24/7 emergency obstetric care and referral services.

Despite all the progress made on increasing awareness of women and girls, the IRC safety audit also showed that women and girls have limited information about available services during COVID-19 highlighting the need to continue community outreach on SGVB mitigation and available services and how to access them. Conducting safety audits will be critical to keep ongoing information around SGBV risks for women and girls in the community and to inform SGBV mitigation. Safety audit interviewees mentioned that women’s leadership and women’s economic empowerment are crucial to raising women and girls’ voices and ensuring their active engagement as decision makers in male-controlled households. Therefore, in order for enhancing the empowement of women in the Rohingya community, needful and appropriate interventions will be included in the project. The project’s women’s economic empowerment interventions will focus on;

  • To build life skills for women and adolescent girls and create a pathway for income generation.

To ensure that women and their spouses are engaged in dialogue on joint financial decision-making, communication, and negotiation of benefits in the household by using IRC’s EASE module.

Project Title: Integrated SRH and SGBV Service Delivery for Rohingya Refugees in Cox’s Bazar Bangladesh

Purpose of the Market Assessment:

  • The market assessment is intended to assess the scopes of Women’s income generating activities in the Rohingya camp context in Cox’s Bazar and to drill down scopes of market linkage within and outside the camp

Objectives of the Market Assessment:

The objectives of the market assessment have the following principles such as;

  • To document the socio-economic condition of women and adolescent girls in the Rohingya community in Ukhiya and Teknaf, Cox’s Bazar
  • To identify the suitable income generating activities for women and adolescent girls in the Rohingya camps in Ukhiya and Teknaf, Cox’s Bazar
  • To check the marketing scope of produced goods of the women and adolescent within and outside the camps in Ukhiya and Teknaf, Cox’s Bazar.

Assessment Sites:

  • Ukhiya Sub-district: Camp- 5 & 18
  • Teknaf Sub-district: Camp- 25


  1. In order to conduct the market assessment to identify scope/opportunities for women’s economic development through income generating skills development initiatives in the Rohingya community. Data/information for the market assessment is to be collected through;
  • Focused Group Discussion (FGD)
  • Key Informant Interview (KII)
  • Questionnaire Survey.
  1. KII will include Camp-In-Charge (CiC) and Majhi/community leaders, shop owners, persons involved in business in the Camps and nearby host community, Vocational training providers in the Ukhiya and the Teknaf, women and adolescents and others for future work to know, what they think, women’s economic development initiatives are needed in camp and to get more innovative ideas to chalk out business initiatives/trades for women’s economic development in the camp context.

Scope of Work: 

  1. Review necessary documents, secondary information and consult key stakeholders.
  2. Develop detailed plan and methodology, including work schedule
  • Develop and finalize assessment questionnaire and other necessary tools with field testing, materials, list of target people and parties/institutions.
  1. Identify study sample, finalize targeted sample, various aspects of livelihood of target women and adolescents, their livelihood related capacity, market linkage, and service providing agencies and data collection.
  2. Data editing and posting
  3. Carryout necessary analysis and synthesis produce maps and provide recommendations.
  • Organize a meeting to present the draft findings of assessment report
  • Prepare final assessment report/s and submission.

Deliverables: Submission of assessment plan with timeline

  • Draft assessment report submission
  • Organize a meeting to present the findings of draft assessment report
  • Prepare final assessment report/s and submission.

Reporting Structure:

The structure and content of the report should meet the requirements of the YPSA & IRC’s requirements. The length of the Report should not exceed 25 pages in total (excluding the annexes).

The Report should have:

  • Executive summary.
  • Methodology of the Market Assessment
  • Results and Discussion.
    • Findings with analysis of both quantitative and qualitative.
    • Recommendations aligned with assessment findings.
  • Conclusion.

Time Frame:

The total duration of this assignment will be from 20th March 2022 to 31th March, 2022.

Deadline of application submission: 15th March, 2022

Reportable Relationship:

The consultant will time to time correspond with Mr. Jishu Barua on behalf of the Chief Executive of YPSA.

Requirement for Expression of Interest:

Potential consultant(s) are requested to submit the expression of interest email to <> along with the CV, detailed methodology with sampling procedure and timeline.

Value of the Consultancy and Mode of Payment:

To conduct the study total maximum budget is BDT 2,40,000/- (Two lac forty thousand) including VAT and Income Tax.

The mode of payment will be as follows:

  • The consultant will be paid 30% at the time of signing of the contract.
  • The consultant will be paid 30% upon submission/delivery of draft report
  • The final instalment of 40% will be released after submission and acceptance of final report by YPSA.
  • Applicable VAT and Tax will be deducted from this amount as per government rule.


Any document, information or data entrusted to or produced by the External Consultant in connection with this assignment shall be strictly confidential and cannot be used by the External Consultant for any other purpose without the written consent of the YPSA. This provision shall remain valid even after the completion of this assignment. All the filled-up documents in relation to this market assessment need to be submitted by the consultant, when and if asked by YPSA.

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