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Young Power in Social Action (YPSA) is an organization for sustainable development and NGO in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC)

Prof Dr.Hafiz T.A. Khan visits YPSA

Professor Dr. Hafiz TA Khan, International Adviser of YPSA, recently has visited YPSA’s different project sites in Chattogram and Cox’s Bazar. He observed and participated in the different YPSA’sprograms with and for the Elderly people.

Elderly People Fair

YPSA has organized the ‘Elderly People Fair’ in Syedpur Union under Sitakund Upazila. Professor Hafiz T.A. Khan as a chief guest, AHM Tazul Islam Nizami, Chairman at Syedpur Union as a special guest, Mr. Murshed Chowdhury, Director (Economic Development, YPSA) and also senior project team members were presented on this fair. At this fair, YPSA has selected best elderly persons, provide best sons award, and assistive devices on elderly people. In this period, the guest has been emphasized different issues of elderly people, especially their importance, role and existence in our daily life. Besides, Professor Khan has accentuated the present situation of ‘Elderly People’ in the globe and their expectation and hope and also he was shared the research findings of different counties addressed to life and livelihood of elderly people in this fair.

Orientation of Research Methodology

Owing to rigorous research on ‘Elderly People’ YPSA-KM4D Department and Professor Khan have developed the working proposal, survey tools and methodology. YPSA has organized the staff orientation meeting at Syedpur office. At that time, Mr. Morshed Hossan Molla, Research and Monitoring Officer has oriented the earlier finalized survey tools, survey methodology with field data collectors and YPSA officials at participatory way. Besides, Professor Khan has emphasized the importance of the survey, especially accentuated on different issues on this survey tools and survey procedures. At that time Mr. Murshed Chowdhury, Director (Economic Development) including senior level project staffs presented on this meeting.

Meeting with YPSA’s Senior Management team

YPSA has organized the ‘Sharing Meeting’ with Professor Khan and YPSA senior team at YPSA Head-Office in Chattogram. At that time, Professor Khan shared present context of development activity on the globe, importance of the research of ‘Elderly People’, humanitarian works address to elderly people and their safer life. At this moment, he emphasized on ‘Development Paradigm’, Theory of Changes’ and global development activity. However, research is the primary clue of problem identification and providing inputs or refer the future attempts, he said. At this time, Mr. Mohammed Arifur Rahman, Chief Executive, Mr. Murshed Chowdhury, Director (Economic Development), Mohammad Shahjahan, Deputy Director and Head-KM4D and others senior management team members have presented on this meeting.

Visiting YPSA’s Elderly People Friendly Space at Rohingya Refugee Camp

Professor Khan visited ‘elderly Friendly Spaces at Rohingya camp in Ukhiya Upazila in Cox’s Bazar district in Bangladesh. At this period, he observed various activities of YPSA to support displaced Burmese Rohingya elderly. YPSA has mainly provided health, WASH, Protection and capacity building and empowerment related activities with elderly people in Rohingya Refugee. YPSA is providing huge support, particularly health, WASH, Protection and capacity building and empowerment related activities with elderly people in Rohingya Refugee. Also innovative age friendly space (social club for elderly) and that helps improving health and wellbeing of Burmese Rohingya elderly. Mr. Mohammed Shahidull Islam, Assistant Director, YPSA research team and YPSA senior staffs have presented on this time.

Professor Khan visited different project sides of YPSA in Cox’s Bazar area, especially visited ‘Shanti Neloy’ shelter center of ‘Human Trafficking’ supported by Winrock International.  At that time, project staffs sharing their experiences about survivor (victim of human trafficking), case management, counselling of victims, inputs support and their awareness programs.

After the visit, professor Khan and YPSA-KM4D department have prepared the research manuscript. The manuscript has submitted on ‘International Conference on the Rohingya Crisis in Comparative Perspective, the conference to be held at University College London (UCL), UK from 4–5 July 2019.

Meeting with URP Department, CUET (Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology). Professor Khan and YPSA senior management (Md. AbdusSabur and Morshed Hossan Molla) has attended a discussion meeting with the faculty members of URP, CUET. At this discussion YPSA has shared the ongoing activities of Urban Environment Resilience Issues. The faculty members were interested on YPSA’s urban activities. They also fascinated on working together in urban resilience’s issues in future.