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YPSA is an organization with Special Consultative Status to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC)

Mr. Brian Gorlick visits YPSA

International Consultant Mr. Brian Gorlick, ex-senior official of UNHCR, visited YPSA on 18th November 2019. During this visit, he met with YPSA senior management team at head office along with the senior project team. After this meeting he visited few projects intervention areas at Syedpur Union under Sitakund Upazila namely ‘One House Once Family at a Time Project’, ‘Elderly People Center’ under the project of Elderly People Program, Platform shed goat rearing project and so on. At the mean time he also visited YPSA-HRDC, Physiotherapy center, gave an exclusive interview in Community Radio (Radio Sagor Giri FM 99.2) in Sitakund.

Meeting with YPSA’s senior management

On 18th November he met with YPSA officials at the YPSA-Head Office and visited the YPSA-Information Center and Development Resource Center. During the meeting Mr. Abdus Sabur, Program Manager has presented a power point presentation on the vision, mission and core values of YPSA including targeted communities, ongoing projects and coverage areas.  The presentation ceremony was gone through in a participatory way.

Visiting Information Center

YPSA Information Center

Visit YPSA’s ‘One House Once Family at a Time Project’ in Sitakund

Mr. Brian visited the Syedpur Union of Sitakund upazila where YPSA already relocated four climate displaced families and visited construction site of in the new location for five more displaced families to be relocated under ‘One House One Family at a Time project’ under the Bangladesh Housing, Land and Property Rights Initiative. He spoke with displaced families and actively listen to their past and present situation.

Meanwhile YPSA’s has rehabilitated four displaced families from the Sandwip Island at Syedpur Union of Sitakund upazila. He also visited ‘Elderly People Center’, and ‘Platform shed goat rearing project’ and so on. Also, he visited YPSA HRDC Sitakund Campus, physiotherapy center and gave an exclusive interview in Community Radio (Radio Sagor Giri FM 99.2) in Sitakund. During this time he exchanged views with YPSA staffs and community people.

Climate displaced family

Construction site

Elderly People Center

Platform shed goat rearing project

YPSA Physiotherapy Center

Meeting at Head office

Community Radio (Radio Sagor Giri FM 99.2)