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Young Power in Social Action (YPSA) is an organization for sustainable development and NGO in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC)

Stakeholder Consultation on Climate Displacement Issues at Banskhali Upazilla

Stakeholder Consultation on Climate Displacement Issues at Banskhali Upazilla

YPSA organized a stakeholder consultation meeting with the GOs, NGOs and Civil Society group working for Climate Displaced People under YPSA-HLP rights initiative project at Upazilla Officer’s Club of Banskhali on 24th September’13 supported by Displacement Solutions.

This event chaired by Sabbir Iqbal (UNO of Banskhali Upazilla,Chittagong). Alhaj Alamgir Kabir Chowdhury (Chairman of Banskhali Upazilla, Chittagong) was present as chief guest.

Nur Hossain (Vice Chairman of Banskhali Upazilla, Chittagong), Mohammad Shahidul Islam (Upazilla Krishi Officer, Chittagong), N.S Osman Gani (Chairman of Chambol Union Parished, Banskhali), Rezaul Hoque Chowdhury (Chairman of Danua Union Parished, Banskhali), Mainuddin Kabir Chy (Chairman of Puichar Union Parished, Banskhali), Md. Lokman (Chairman of Baharchara union parished, Banskhali), Md. Arif Ullah (Chairman of Gandhamara union parished), Pronab Kumar Das (Counselor of Banskhali pouroshova), Milon Barua (Counselor of Banskhali Pouroshova), Ashma Akter (Executive Director of Wesis) and Zakir Ahamed (Panel Chairman of Sharal union parished, Banskhali) also participated.

During the open discussion vice chairman of Banshkhali mentioned that’s there are vast kash lands are available but major portion of land are under influential people of our society. We have to work together and make sure landless people to ensure their rights.

Many of the local representatives and journalist mentioned that large area is affected by serious climate change. Large number of people from the affected areas forced to leave their households and taking shelter in the neighboring hills, which causing destruction of natural hills. This people need to rehabilitate such a way in an area so that their livelihood is ensured.

UNO mentioned in his speech that, YPSA is performing greatly in this area for the betterment of community people. These are a kind of initiatives which focuses on the rights of climate induced displaced families, Bangladesh ratifies the UN charter and we are responsible to ensure the rights of the displaced people. From local administration we are promising our full support in such initiatives from YPSA.

In the closing remarks, UP chairman welcome this innovative and different approach. These points are relevant in many ways. It is a matter of regrets that some of the points will be very challenging. We have to look deep into this point. Everyone coordinated efforts can make these a success.

Program officer Mr. Syed Assraf Ullah HLP program introduce YPSA to the audience and Mr. Subir Das focal person Youth Program YPSA presented the key note on HLP rights.


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