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Young Power in Social Action (YPSA) is an organization for sustainable development and NGO in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC)

Advocacy for ensuring HLP rights of climate displaced people

Meeting with Mr. Baker Bhuiyan (Chairman of Sitakunda Upazilla )

YPSA started advocacy with local government from Mirsharai, Sitakund and Banskhali Upazilla for ensuring Housing, Land and Property rights of climate displaced people.

HLP project team members brief the target government officials and local elected representatives on HLP program and five key potential actions for ensuring rights of climate displaced people. This area is vulnerable itself, at the same time this locality has to host large group of displaced families due to adverse effect of climatic changes in the neighboring island areas. All the participants agreed that, all the points are very much valid and for many reasons they are challenging too. This initiative demands coordinated efforts form government, nongovernment organizations’ and all the relevant parties at all level.

During this visit YPSA team met with Mr. Baker Bhuiyan (Chairman of Sitakunda Upazilla ), Mohammed Ashraf Hossain (UNO of Mirsharai Upazilla, Chittagong), Md.Shajahan (Mayor of Mirsharai Pourashova, Chittagong), Alhaj Alamgir Kabir Chowdhury (Chairman of Banskhali Upazilla, Chittagong), Sabbir Iqbal (UNO of Banskhali Upazilla, Chittagong), Nur Hossain (Vice Chairman of Banskhali Upazilla), N.S Osman Gani (Chairman of Chambol Union Parished, Banskhali), Rezaul Hoque Chowdhury (Chairman of Danua Union Parished, Banskhali), Mainuddin Kabir Chy (Chairman of Puichar Union Parished, Banskhali), Md. Lokman (Chairman of Baharchara union parished, Banskhali), Md. Arif Ullah (Chairman of Gandhamara union parished, Banskhali), Pronab Kumar Das (Counselor of Banskhali pouroshova), Milon Barua (Counselor of Banskhali Pouroshova) and Zakir Ahamed (Panel Chairman of Sharal union parished, Banskhali).