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Young Power in Social Action (YPSA) is an organization for sustainable development and NGO in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC)

Debate competition on Only Prevention of Domestic Violence Can Ensure Social Harmony and Prosperity held

Prize distribution among the students

YPSA arranged a debate competition at the Chittagong Chemical Complex (CCC) High School, Barabkunda aiming for “Stop Violence and Build a Peaceful Bangladesh”. The subject of this debate was “Only Prevention of Domestic Violence Can Ensure Social Harmony and Prosperity”. Two teams were debating on the topic, one group was in favor of this topic and another group was against it. The competition ended followed by a signature campaign.

Signature campaignThe debate competition was held on 06 November, 2014 under the campaign on BD with me (

The debate competition was moderated by Mr. Jainal Abedin Suja, Chairperson of CCC High School Management Committee. Chairman of Barabkunda Union was present as a chief guest of this competition. Mr. Sanjib De ,Head master of CCC High school was present as a  special guest of this competition. Wasim Majumder, Manager, Janata Bank Ltd, Barabkunda Branch also presents this competition. A judgment committee was formed for maintaining of this debate competition.

This debate competition was great successes with almost 110 students were enjoyed. This competition was started by the welcoming speech of moderator Mr. Jainal Abedin Suja. After Abdus Sabur, YPSA, presents the goals and objectives of this debate and overall campaign. Jesmin Akter, Program Officer-YPSA, shared the rules and laws of debate competition.

All debaters present their best to establish his/her arguments with showing reliable data, information and logics. In generally, in favor group said that family is the smallest unit of society, and society is made by family. So, social harmony is easily deteriorated if family harmony is deteriorated. On the other hand, if the family members are well disciplines and domestic violence will hardly be seen. Aftermath we can easily retain social harmony, which will be ensured national harmony and prosperity.

Group photoIn against group said that, domestic violence is not only the responsible of imbalance of social harmony, they accused some other factors for disturbance of social harmony as, youth unemployment problem, drug abuse, restless, political instability, miss use of power and law, bribes and some social evils etc.

After a wonderful presentation of debaters, judgment committee compiles the result of this debate competition. The wining team of this debate competition is in favor group. And the best debaters were jointly two students in favor group and against group.

After debate competition a prize giving ceremony was held, which was chaired by Chairman of Barabkunda Union, Sitakunda. In lastly, Chairman of Barabkunda Union shared that UP body is always ready for stop violence at community. He said that students are the future leader of Bangladesh. They can play a pro active role on prevent violence at community.