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Young Power in Social Action (YPSA) is an organization for sustainable development and NGO in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC)

World Radio Day 2015 observed


Radio Sagor Giri FM 99.2 observed “World Radio Day 2015” with the slogan “Youth and Radio” on 13 February, 2015. YPSA led community radio at Sitakund Sagor Giri FM 99.2 arranged a rally, discussion meeting and Radio Kothika which were participated by local youths, volunteer and local stakeholders. YPSA-Leadership Development Program makes collaboration to observe World Radio Radio Day 2015.

The rally was organized at Sitakunda, Chittagong. 30 Youth and Community Leaders of LDP, Local People, Civil Society and media personals attended this rally. This really was led by Shah Sultan Shamim, Station Manager, Radio SagorGiri FM 99.2.

After the rally a discussion meeting on “World Radio Radio Day 2015” was held which was jointly organized by Radio Sagor Giri FM 99.2 and YPSA-Leadership Development Program. This discussion meeting was facilitated by Sanjoy Chowdhury, Producer Technical, Radio Sagor Giri FM 99.2 and Co- facilitated by Amena Akter, Volunteer, Radio Sagor Giri. The key speaker of this discussion was Md. Abdus Sabur, Youth Focal, YPSA.

MeetingThis discussion was a great success with almost 25 invited participants from various professions as teacher, businessman, social worker, student, government employee, service holder, UP member, unemployed and journalist etc. This roundtable discussion was start by the addressing speech of Sanjoy Chowdhury. He presents the goals and objectives of this discussion.”

Key Speaker Md. Abdus Sabur, Youth Focal, YPSA said  “Community Radio reaches grassroots people in places than any other medium to connect communities, developing regions and vulnerable populations have a little connection to the outside world.

A day to celebrate the success of radio was first proclaimed on 3 November 2011 by Unesco’s 36th general conference. Speaking ahead of this year’s World Radio Day, Unesco director-general Irina Bokova said the focus was now on greater inclusion of young people. The fourth annual World Radio Day focuses on young women and men. On this occasion, Unesco calls for greater social inclusion of the generation under 30 years old, which accounts for more than half of the world’s population. The lack of young voices on global airwaves is something World Radio Day seeks to address this year.

Young women and men are not sufficiently represented in the media. Young producers and broadcasters are still rare. But Radio Sagor Giri overcomes these phenomenon. Here most of employee and volunteers are youth. For dissemination of information, radio supports communities in breaking out of isolation in situations of armed conflict, violence, political tension or humanitarian disaster.”

Shah Sultan Shamim, Station Manager, Radio SagorGiri FM 99.2 shared the role of youth in community development.

Finally, Shah Sultan Shamim, Station Manager, Radio SagorGiri FM 99.2 describes the background of Radio SagorGiri FM 99.2 and shared the best practices of community radio.

On that day, Radio SagorGiri FM 99.2 also collects a details interview on Successful Youth Mobilizations in Muradpur Union. YPSA-LDP leader Md. Azam Khan makes a vital role on community mobilization and development. By his leadership, he made advocacy with local elected UP members for the village’s road reconstruction, drainage management and increasing the services of community clinic and youth club development etc. This interview was taken by Farhan Taslim Nipa, Program Officer, YPSA-LDP and facilitated by Jannatul Ferdous, Jesmine Akter Program Officer, YPSA-LDP.