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Young Power in Social Action (YPSA) is an organization for sustainable development and NGO in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC)

Representatives from US based organization CTFK met mayor of Chittagong City Corporation

Group photo of YPSA visitor with mayor of Chittagong City Corporation AZM Nasir Uddin

“10 million BDT has been allocated in the current fiscal year’s budget for tobacco control initiative. It will be spend in a constructive way and the size of the fund will be increased in the future. Besides making the city free from water logging and garbage, the effort will be continued to make the city smoke free and healthy city.”  Said mayor of Chittagong City Corporation AZM Nasir Uddin in a courtesy meeting with the representatives of US based organizations  Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids (CTFK), Bloomberg Initiative (BI) and leading NGO of Chittagong YPSA. 

Mena El-Turky, Program Officer; CTFK, Nelly Ahmad, Financial Compliance Officer, CTFK met mayor on 18th October 2015. Shariful Alam, Consultant, CTFK and Deputy Secretary of Bangladesh Government; Dr. Mahfuzur Bhuyan, Grant Manager, CTFK; Rashid Ahmed, Secretary, Chittagong City Corporation; Alamgir Shabuj, Desh TV, Morshed Talukder, The Daily Azadi, Nasim Banu Shamoli, Team Leader, Smoke-free project, YPSA; Muhammed Ali Shahin, Program Manager, YPSA and Omar Shahed, Program Officer, YPSA were present in the courtesy meeting.

Allocating maximum budget compared to other local governments in order to make Chittagong City Corporation smoke free, a crest has been given to the mayor AZM Nassir Uddin on behalf of all level of citizens.