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Young Power in Social Action (YPSA) is an organization for sustainable development and NGO in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC)

YPSA celebrates International Youth Day’ 2021


“Transforming Food Systems: Youth Innovation for Human and Planetary Health” with this theme YPSA Celebrates International Youth Day’ 2021 at different places of Chattogram division through various events to raise awareness making a change to the socio-economic condition and food system through the innovation of youth.

To mark the day, YPSA has organized several interventions as Youth Dialogue, Special Discussion, Webinar, Online Meeting, Rally and Published Videos of on Youth Activities at Social Media.


In Chattogram at YPSA head office, YPSA-CYD (YPSA-Centre for Youth and Development) has organized a special discussion on marking the day. Md. Arifur Rahman, Chief Executive, YPSA with senior officials were present the discussion. YPSA Chief Executive Md Arifur Rahman, shared that, the aim of “transforming food system: Youth innovation for Human and planetary Health’’ will not be achieved without the meaningful participation of young people and it can play a significant role for ensuring healthy life style. The discussion was moderated by ilias Shah, Project Co-ordinatior, YPSA LEAD Bangladesh. At the commencement of discussion, a concept paper on International Youth Day 2020 was read by Shovan Chowdhury, Project Officer, YPSA LEAD Bangladesh. After that, invited participants were taken discussion on concept paper. All the speakers emphasized on the importance of the day and theme of International Youth Day.

In Cox’s Bazar, YPSA-Center for youth and Development has organized a Special Discussion event with YPSA youth Volunteer and YPSA Cox’s Bazar officials at Regional Head Office of YPSA Cox’s Bazar. MS. Sumi Akter read the concept note for a better understanding of International Youth Day. Ms.Khaleda Begum, Deputy Director and Regional Head – YPSA Cox’s Bazar was presided the Special Discussion.

In The Special Discussion Youth volunteers rise their voices on transforming sustainable food systems, address the challenges and opportunity on transforming food systems related activities. More than 25 young people participated in the Special Discussion, which provided a space to exchange ideas on how marginalized youth leaders can be increasingly involved in addressing issues that directly affect them  such as food system, climate change, health, food habit and environment, planetary health, Youth Innovation and technology. Mr. MD: Harun, Focal point of YPSA-Cox’s Bazar, Mohammad Jasim Uddin, Senior Project Coordinator and Project Managers of and senior officials of YPSA were present.

In Rangunia the officials of Rangunia field office celebrate International Youth Day-21on the theme from the initiative of YPSA-Fair Labor Migration in Bangladesh project.YPSA Genaral Member Mr. Abul Kashem were present as chief guest.

YPSA FLM observed the International Youth Day 2021 on her premises. Due to COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown, YPSA observed this day with maintaining social distance. To mark the day of International Youth Day 2021, YPSA conducted three open discussion meeting with Youth volunteer of Rangunia, Sandwip, Chattogram and Sadar, Cox’s Bazar. YPSA local management committee, Different Youth Organization, YPSA FLM Youth Volunteer attended in this meeting.

The program coordinated by moderated by Md. Abu Taher, Sr. Project Officer, Md. Joynal Abedin, Field officer, Md Shahinur Rahman, Filed Officer, YPSA in their premises. YPSA. About 80 participants were participates these meeting. In this Meeting Khaleda Begum, DD, YPSA and other YPSA Senior Management attended in this meeting.

The main purpose of this day is to inspire individuals from around the world and recognize their contribution that has added value to the 2021 transforming food system, to inspire individuals from around the world and recognize their contribution that has added value to the creative endeavors in serving humanity, to create a common platform to empower the youth network within the World, to motivate young people to be good leaders in their respective countries. In this discussion was to emphasized are the rules and responsibilities of youth to innovate and ensure planetary health.

At discussion, Sumi Akter, Youth Volunteer of Zhilanja, Sadar, Cox’s Bazar said that, Today’s young society has become addicted to the Internet. Most of them sleep at late night and wake up halfway through the day. Besides, many young people have become addicted to drugs. Their diet has added a new dimension to Fast food. There is a great lack of natural and adulterated food today. A dark future awaits us if young people cannot ensure food and health. The youth have played a direct role in the historical positive change in our country, today’s youth should also come forward in this way.

At concluding remarks, YPSA FLM official thanked to Youth Volunteers for attending this event. They suggested the Government and relevant stakeholder to pay attention on the Youth as their innovation and responsibility for the society.

YPSA Center For Youth and Development organizes webinar at 12th August, 2021 “Youth Talk” to celebrate International Youth Day-2021. In this webinar, the guest and resource person was Mohammad Shahjahan, Deputy Director and Head, YPSA KM4D, Abdus Sabur, Program Manager and Youth Focal Person, YPSA, Dr Prabal Barua, Program Manager, Climate Change Issue. Six successful Young climate activists Md Omar Faruk Joy, (Founder, We Can), Jabed Nur Shantaw, (Founder, Climate Justuce Bangladesh), Sumi Akter Boishakhi, (SAP Leader, Planting 100 trees), Nahida Akter Shimu, (SAP Leader,Jute Made Bag), Sraboni Bhattachariya, (SAP Leader, Waste Management in Bakalia), Miraz Orfe Emon, (SAP Leader, Balcony Garden) represented their point of view about transforming food systems and climate change issues.

Six climate activists shared about their experience to work as a climate activists and focus on transforming food system in a sustainable way. The webinar was moderated by Farhana Idris, Program Manager, Urabn Development, YPSA.

Guest and Resource person focused that there is a need for inclusive support mechanisms that ensure youth continue to amplify efforts collectively and individually to restore the planet and protect life, while integrating biodiversity in the transformation of food systems.

YPSA Center For Youth and Development organizes 2nd webinar at 12th August, 2021 “The Future of Food System” to celebrate International Youth Day-2021.

In this webinar, the guest and resource person was Md Arifur Rahman, Chief Executive, YPSA, Vaskar Bhattacharjee, National Consultant A2i Prime Minister Office and Program Manager, YPSA, Somen Kanungo, Founder, DEC-D Engineers Club, Mithela Haque, Founder, Power to Bloom and Md Saiful Islam Bappa, Entrepreneur and Volunteer. The webinar was moderated by Nasim Banu Shyamali, Deputy Director, YPSA.

YPSA Center For Youth and Development organizes 3rd webinar “Volunteerism and Youth Innovation for Human: Perspectives On Transforming Food Systems” at 13th August, 2021 to celebrate International Youth Day-2021.


In this webinar, the guest and resource person was Mohammad Shahidul Islam Assistant Director & Head-YPSA Rogingya Response, Sohanur Rahman, Co-ordinator of Youth Net, Sakif Amzad Al Haque, Freelancing project consultant and Vice President of (education), Mirpur toastmaster club, Dhaka, Mehedi Hasan Bappy, Professional Exchange Fellow of Norec and Wave Foundation of Dhaka. The webinar was moderated by Farhana Idris, Program Manager, Urban Development, YPSA. Guests and Resource persons emphasized the importance of transforming food system in a sustainable way and enhance the youth participation in this process.