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Young Power in Social Action (YPSA) is an organization for sustainable development and NGO in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC)

Sharing Meeting on”Safer Life of Girl Domestic Workers & Involvement of Chittagong of City Corporation” held


“Govt. has taken steps for re-enrollment of the drop out students who have previously left school. So the girl domestic workers are not out of the plan.  As a counselor of Chittagong City Corporation I am familiar with YPSA’s SLGDW project activities. I will support to linkup Chittagong City Corporation involvement with YPSA’s activities. I am building a School where I can arrange one room in the school  if they needed” Said Mr. Gias Uddin, the counselor of 15 No. ward in the sharing meeting on ” Safer Life of Girl Domestic Workers & Involvement of Chittagong of City Corporation” at the Abdus Sattar Auditorium of Chittagong City Corporation.

YPSA with the support of Shapla Neer and the Japanese Citizen Committee organized the sharing meeting at 24th November, 2014.  Panel Mayor of Chittagong City Corporation Mr. Hasan Mahmud Hasni was present as chief guest and Professor Mr. Muhammad Shahidullah, Chief Education Officer of Chittagong City Corporation was present as special guest.

As a facilitator of the meeting Ms. Khaleda Begum, team leader of YPSA said in her speech, “YPSA and Shapla Neer have started the initiative to create awareness to educate the girl domestic worker. It is not possible to continue the work without support of City Corporation. Our initiative will be success if the City Corporation actively involve with it.”

Ms. Afroza Kalam, the counselor of 27, 37 and 38 said, “It will be not sufficient to make success the project working only in 2 wards.  YPSA can increase the center with the support of Chittagong City Corporation.  If Chittagong City Corporation agrees to provide spaces in the school, YPSA can set up Anandalok Center in more than 02 wards.”

Mr. Mohammad Hossain, the counselor of 26 no ward said, “Bangladesh Govt. has strong commitment to reduce the illiteracy from the country. To educate the Girl Domestic Workers is not out of that plan. “

Ms. Ferdouse Begum Munni, Counselor of ward no 1, 2 and 3 said,”It is the common scenario that most of the girl demand different things out of salary. YPSA can work to build up good relationship between employers and girl domestic workers.’

Chief Education Officer Professor Muhammad Shahidulah said,”The Girl Domestic Worker is the Unique Subject Matter.  We should give priority of counselor’s opinion. You can start 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. in the schools under City Corporation.  YPSA can arrange children fair to circulate the issue among much people and ward based awareness raising meeting with the support of Ward Counselor in every ward. Employers will not be sensitizing without the ward based initiative.”

The panel mayor Mr. Hasan Mahmud Hasni said in his valuable speech, “ Thanks YPSA for the tremendous initiative. The girl domestic workers have been learning basic education, skill based education like as sewing, hand stitching etc. and keeping well documentation in the center which I observed during my visit. My support will always with the initiative.”