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Young Power in Social Action (YPSA) is an organization for sustainable development and NGO in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC)

Capacity Building Training and Community Engagement events on right based solution for climate displaced people

Community Team formation meeting at Kutubdia

YPSA formed 20 community team with local climate displaced people at Kutubdia, Pekua and Banskhali upazila under the “Developing a project for Community-driven Planned Relocation of Highly Vulnerable Climate Displaced Households in South-Eastern Coast of Bangladesh” with the support of Climate Justice Resilience Fund(CJRF). Community team formed with the member of 10 people who are victims of natural disasters and familiar of voluntery jobs for social welfair.

The newly formed community teams now working for mobilize the displaced people for raising awareness, ensure services for vulnerable households, holding campaign such as rally, human chain, letter writing to policy makers for claiming their rights, communicating local stakeholders as community representative and actively involved with planned relocation process.

With the support of YPSA, community team handover the memorandum to honourable Member of Palirament Mr. Mostafzur Rahman Chowdhury ( Chattogram-16, Banshkhali)  on July 15, 2019 with the demanding on sustainable rehabilitation of displaced people, repairing and reconstruction of the embankment with afforestation, khas land distribution to displaced people and more rehabilitation program launched in Banskhali upazila. He said that within this year, 4 Ashryan project will start in the upazila and hope to 400 climate displaced people will be rehabilitated there.

Community Team demonstrated the human chain  infront of upazila and union parishad of Pekua, Kutubdia and Banshkhali during the month of July, 2019 for protesting the right based rehabilitation and employment opportunity for climate displaced people.

From the month of June to July, 2019 YPSA provided the 10 capacity building training to Community Team members of Banshkhali, Pekua and Kutubdia upazila. Prabal Barua, Program Coordinator, Morshed Hossan Molla, Montiroing Officer and Jakir Hossain, Field Officer of YPSA-CJRF Relocation Project facilitated the capacity building trainings . The main focus of the these trainings were voluntarism and role of voluntarism for social development, leaders; leadership quality and importance of leadership; problem identification and advocacy process for raising the demand; rights of climate displaced people and planning process for ensuring rights of climate displaced people.

YPSA provided cattle rearing training for 20 climate displaced families of Banskhali upazila from 27 July to 31st July, 2019. Upazila Livelstock Officer Dr. Abdul Momin faciliated the 5 days training held on training room of upazila livestock office.