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Young Power in Social Action (YPSA) is an organization for sustainable development and NGO in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC)

Story of a diligent and motivated woman who is thriving for excellence

Rumi AkterRumi Akter, a 23 years old woman has been working here in Northern Fashion Ltd for 4 years as an operator. She is from Thakurgaon district and here she resides near the factory.

Rumi came here to work when she just passed her HSC exam and now, she is doing her honors in Social work at Bangabandhu College, Chandra. This is her last year of honors. She is going to start her Master’s in the same discipline soon after her honors.

Rumi joined garments because of her family crises. Now she is supporting her family-her parents and younger siblings. She does not want her siblings to do the same struggle she is doing. And that’s why she is saving a good amount from her monthly salary. Almost 80-90 thousand BDT has been saved in Uttara Bank in her own account. And in this case, particularly, she mentioned about HERfinance training-

“The parts related to financial issues directly-budget, financial plans, and savings were much more helpful for us. We, the garment workers earn less. But we have to do a lot of things with this little income. And that’s why we need a very tight budget which we learned from the training, very effectively. Financial plans are so important as we are not going to work here for a lifetime. But to implement these financial goals we need savings. And we can save only when we maintain a very tight budget. So, the importance of these things and the connectivity among them were the best learnings from training. Our other non-peer educators are much more interested in these budgets and savings as well. Moreover, I must mention the importance of negotiation, positive and negative power. We get a very little chance to know about these things.”

 Name: Rumi Akter

District: Takurgaon

ID: 1011090