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Bangladesh Housing, Land and Property (HLP) Rights Initiative

  • YPSA stall in the climate change fair
  • Sharing session National workshop at Chittagong
  • Question & Answer session on Presentation of Climate Change issue
  • Participants on advocacy meeting at Noakhali
  • Participants of Advocacy meetings at Bogra
  • Skype Conversation
  • Participants-at-advocacy-meeting-Khulna
  • One to one session in Chandpur
  • FGD session at Sirajgonj
  • Event workshop at Satkhira
  • Event Workshop at Rangamati
  • Event workshop at Feni
  • Workshop presentation at Laxmipur
  • Awareness procession during IDDRR 2012
  • Audience in a District- evel Advocacy workshop at Sirajgong
  • orientation program
  • group photo
  • 9.Discuss with Displace People
  • Meeting with UNO at Sitakunda
  • Discuss with UNO of Sandwip about Displace people and River Erosion
  • Interview with Displace people
  • Discuss with Mayor of Sandwip about Displace people and River Erosion
  • Visitors visited river erosion effected area at kalapania in Sandwip


Report Cover Page

Report Cover Page

Report Cover Page

পেনিনসুলা নীতিমালা: রাষ্ট্রের অভ্যন্তরীণ জলবায়ু স্থানচ্যুতি বিষয়ক প্রণীত নীতিমালা

বাংলাদেশের জলবায়ু স্থানচ্যুতির বর্তমান ও ভবিষ্যৎ: আবাসন, ভূমি ও সম্পত্তির দ্রুত অধিকারের সমাধানের প্রয়োজনীয়তা

Progress Report October 2013

Download Climate Change Progress Report 2013

Climate Cange Progress Report

Book cover page

Superior Settlement for Climate Displaced People of Bangladesh: Approach for Durable Solutions

IEC Materials

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Five Key Actions for Ensuring Rights of Climate
Displaced People

জলবায়ু স্থানচ্যুত মানুষের অধিকার প্রতিষ্ঠায় প্রধান পাঁচটি করণীয়

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Duration of Project:

Phase-I: 1 April 2012– 28 February 2013

Phase-II: 1 March 2013– 31 December 2013.

Area Coverage         :  Whole Bangladesh

Name of Donor         : DISPLACEMENT SOLUTIONS (DS)


Bangladesh is one of the most climate vulnerable countries in the world and is set to become even more so as a result of climate change. Natural hazards across the country are already leading to the forced displacement of millions of Bangladeshis and this number is set to multiply as the effects of climate change increase the severity and frequency of these natural hazards. Many of these individuals have lost their houses and lands to climatic hazards and have no ability nor received any support or assistance to access new homes or new lands. At present, there is no comprehensive Government plan or policy to ensure the housing, land and property rights of climate displaced persons in Bangladesh.

To this end, DS seeks to collaborate with YPSA on the Bangladesh HLP Initiative. Specific activities will include three studies that examine in detail the true picture of land availability in Bangladesh for climate displaced persons as well as the potential durability of future resettlement. DS also seeks to collaborate with and support YPSA to undertake intensive advocacy and lobbying, both on raising the profile of climate displacement and increasing political awareness of this issue, as well as advocating and lobbying for specific land parcels to become available for climate displaced persons, either through private or public donation or through enhanced access to existing Government land allocation programmes.

Objectives of the Project:

To identify rights-based solutions and actions that could be undertaken to resolve the displacement of climate-affected communities as well as to ensure and safeguard their housing, land and property rights.

Major Activities of Phase-II (March 2013– 31 December 2013):

  1. 1.      Advocacy, lobbying and coalition development on climate displacement in Bangladesh through enhanced legal support for YPSA
  • Recruitment of Legal Support Officer
  • Development and printing of 5 points advocacy plan (IEC Materials)
  • Meeting with the local govt. and central govt. officials
  • Meetings with climate affected communities and local civil society organizations
  • Meeting with different political parties to include the protection of the rights of climate displaced persons as key elements of their political manifestos
  • Meeting with MPs from climate-affected communities across Bangladesh
  • Meeting with legal groups and lawyers associations in Bangladesh to raise awareness of climate displacement
  • Comprehensive training in a 2-day workshop on international legal issues related to climate displacement in Bangladesh (to be conducted by DS)
  • Hosting Mr. Ezekiel Simperingham (Focal person of Bangladesh HLP Rights Initiative)


  1. 2.       Mapping study on actors and institutions of the Government of Bangladesh relevant to climate displacement
  • Recruitment of Research Officer
  • Workshop with NGOs/Civil Societies, Academicians and Govt./local govt. officials
  • Key Informant Interview and FGD with relevant stakeholders


  1. 3.      Translation, publication and distribution of “Climate Displacement in Bangladesh” Report
  • Professional translation, publication and distribution of the Climate Displacement in Bangladesh report


  1. 4.       Coastal Kids Project
  • Art and debate competition on Climate Change issues


Achievement of Phase-II (during the period of 1 March’13 to July’13)

  • Recruited Research Officer to work on research & advocacy issues
  • 1st draft report has been submitted to DS. Necessary feedback already been provided by DS (Zeke). Presently working on final draft of report.
  • Recruited Legal Support Officer to work in the legal & advocacy issues
  • Developed of 5 point Advocacy plan in English and Bangla version, printing work is going on..
  • Bengali translation of DS Publication ‘Climate Displacement in Bangladesh: urgent need for housing, rights and properties initiatives’ already been done and reviewed and will be printed and published soon.
  • 2nd Skype conversation held between SPS and WCA.
  • Selected schools among the coastal schools in Chittagong for Coastal Kids Debate Competition

Achievement of Phase-I (April 2012 to 28 February 2013)

Identify a school and appropriate contact person for DS’ Coastal Kids Project

  • Identified “William Carey Academy” (WCA) school and appropriate contact person of Coastal Kids Project
  • Collection of interest letter from School and sent to DS
  • MOU signed between WCA and YPSA
  • 1st Skype conversation held between WCA and Sorrento Primary School (SPS) held
  • Writing competition among Student of Grade V of WCA completed on Climate Change            issue and accordingly award also given to winners
  • Exchanging of pen-pal letters between WCA and Sorrento Primary School (SPS)

Three studies that examine in detail the true picture of land availability in Bangladesh for climate displaced persons as well as the potential durability of future resettlement

  • Indentified and selected Researchers for three studies
  • Methodology and Tools developed of three studies
  • Inception report on three studies submitted to DS
  • Staff Orientation/workshop on Study Methodology and tools held
  • Documents are reviewed for three relevant studies
  • Field activities of study like interview, FGD, KII is completed
  • Seven Event Workshop held in Sirajgonj, Khulna, Satkhira, Chandpur, Feni, Cox’s bazar and      Rangamati under study component
  • Prepared and submitted three final study reports to Displacement Solutions [“land availability in Bangladesh (Study 1)”, “land acquisition for climate displaced communities (study 2)” and “the viability of CHT as destination of climate displaced communities (study 3)”] after incorporating all comments and feedback from DS

Lobbying and Advocacy to raise the Political Profile of Climate Displacement and for Land Allocation to Climate Displaced Communities

  • IEC materials (Posters, Stickers, folders) focusing of the rights of Climate Displaced people developed and disseminating
  • Ten “Advocacy Meeting with NGOs and Civil Society” held in Bogra, Kurigram, Khulna, Satkhira,         Sirajgonj, Shariatpur, Rajbari, Chandpur, Laksmipur and Noakhali.
  • Five “District level Advocacy Meeting” held in Jessore, Sirajgonj, Feni, Comilla and Chittagong
  • One event of “National Level Advocacy Workshop” held in Chittagong
  • Four “one to one meeting” held with govt. high official in Khulna, Brahmanbaria, Chandpur and         Cox’sbazar on behalf of Climate Displaced people

Hosting DS Representatives and International Photographer Kadir van Lohuizen

  • Hosted and facilitated the mission of Mr. Ezekiel Simperingham and Stephane Jeannet in        April 2012 and provides all sorts of logistical supports, including travel permit, travel, security, accommodation, food and all transport.
  • Hosted Mr. Ezekiel Simperingham (Focal person of Bangladesh HLP Rights Initiative) in Dhaka, Bangladesh from 17th January’13 to 20th January’13. Objective of the visit was to engage in high-level lobbying and advocacy with representatives from the central Government , civil society, UN and international agencies in Bangladesh, seeking to find durable and rights-based solutions to climate displacement across the country
  • Hosted International Photographer Kadir van Lohuizen and Gardiner Harris of The New York times in 2013 to do a story about the profound dislocations that Climate Change will bring to Bangladesh

Additional Activities

  • Face book group page on Bangladesh Housing, Land and Property (HLP) Rights Initiative
  • YPSA HLP project staff participated in the training on Climate Change and Adaption organized by ARCAB
  • Rapid need assessment of flood victim and temporarily displaced people
  • Meeting between Mr. Scott Leckie, Director and founder of DS and Mr. Arifur Rahman, CE of YPSA, held at Bangkok, Thailand
  • Dissemination of DS publications to the media and policy makers (Photo story of the DS by Kadir and Climate Displacement in Bangladesh “The Need for Urgent Housing, Land and Property (HLP) Rights Solutions”)
  • World Environment Day 2012 observed
  • International Day of Disaster Risk Reduction 2012 observed
  • Participated in Climate Fair 2012 in Chittagong
  • Meeting held between Mr. Md. Arifur Rahman, Chief Executive of YPSA and Mr. Ezekiel Simperingham of DS in London


  • Final Programmatic Progress report prepared and submitted to DS
  • Final Financial report prepared and submitted to DS

Major outcome of Bangladesh HLP Rights Initiative-Phase-I

  • Established communications between Kids of Bangladesh and Australia to work with Climate Change issue
  • Prepared and finalized three study report Land Availability for Climate Displaced Communities, Land Acquisition for Climate Displaced Communities and the Viability of CHT as a destination for Climate Displaced Communities for first ever time in Bangladesh
  • GO, NGOs and civil society are starting to think about the issue of climate displacement and the rights of displaced people

Future Scope of work under Bangladesh HLP Rights Initiative beyond 2013

Possible goal

To demonstrate an effective and efficient way of finding sustainable solutions in respect of HLP Rights for climate displaced people in Bangladesh.

Major component of future initiative

  1. Coordination and Management including the Coastal Kids Programme
  2. Land Identification and Advocacy;
  3. International Campaigning and Advocacy;
  4. Domestic Advocacy ,Climate Negotiations, Capacity Building and Media Outreach;

Model resettleme

Event news

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