Capacity Building for Ensuring Safe Labour Migration

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Remittance Fair
Uttara Bank stall at Remittance Fair
YPSA cultural program at Sitakund
Beneficiary getting service at Remittance Fair
Remittance Fair
Remittance Fair
Group photo
group photo

Coverage Sitakund & Mirshari Upazilla under Chittagong Duration Since 2007- 2009.


Refuge and Migratory Movements Research Unit (RMMRU) and Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF)


The goal of this project is to increase the choice of the poor to use migration as a livelihood option and for reducing poverty.

Specific Objectives

Major objectives of the project area:

  • Influence migration policy in favour of imparting comprehensive training.
  • To fill in the information gap among wider audience particularly the poor about labour migration process and encounter misinformation for the same.
  • To address poverty by ensuring safe migration.
  • To reduce fraudulent practices in the labour migration process.
  • To make potential migrants aware of their rights at work in destination countries.
  • To make migration a planned exercise and to make it economically and socially successful in terms of poverty reduction, both for the individual as well as for the nation.
  • To increase capacity of local and national actors in managing migration.

Target Group

a) Capacity Building of Local Opinion Leaders and Journalists
b) Capacity Building of Bank Officials
c) Module Development Component
d) Media Advocacy Component
e) Involvement of Target Group
f) Equal Participation of Women

Major activities

The activities envisaged under this project are given below according to the four components.

  • Capacity Building of Local Opinion Leaders and Journalists.
  • Capacity Building of Bank Officials.
  • Regular Monthly Coordination meeting of MRPC.
  • Weekly Counselling Provide in the working area by MRPC Members.
  • Implementation MRPC activates (Market Meeting, courtyard meeting, Essay Competition, Folk   song, film Show, Orientation etc) in working area.
  • Day Observation (Migrants Day, women’s day).

Beneficiary/Primary target population

a) Capacity Building of Local Opinion Leaders and Journalists Component

Primary target of the training programme on capacity building of local leaders will be government functionaries, NGOs, public representatives of the local government, local opinion leaders and journalists. However, the ultimate beneficiary of the project will be potential migrant workers and their families.
b) Capacity Building of Bank Officials Component:
Primary target of the training programme on capacity building of commercial banks will be mangers of selected banks. However, the ultimate beneficiary of the project will be migrant workers and their families.

c) Module Development Component

Primary target beneficiaries are the outgoing migrant workers and secondary stakeholders including government, non-government and private offices involved in migration governance process. Such organizations include BMET, private recruiting agencies, medical centers and migrant workers’ associations.

d) Media Advocacy Component

Primary target groups are families of potential migrants, female members of male migrant families. Secondary target groups include different local elite groups / opinion leaders, different stakeholders from GO / NGO and general mass.


(in BDT): 1,600,540.00/=.


Sitakund & Mirshari Upazilla under Chittagong.

Name of Upazilla Name of Union
Sitakund 2 no Baraiyadala
3 no Pourashava
4 no Muradpur
7 no Kumira
Mirshari 9 no Mirshari
12 no Khaiachara
14 no Hayetkandi
16 no Shairkhali


Expected Outcomes

Capacity Building of local Opinion Leaders and Journalists Component

  • Increased capacity of GO, NGO staff, 800 local opinion leaders and journalists.
  • Increased knowledge of more than 100,000 common people (indirect beneficiaries) (40% of the total population of selected areas) about safe migration procedure.
  • Increased ability to make informed decision by the potential migrants at local levels.
  • Increased capacity of the local level opinion leaders to perform their functions as well as allocation of resources to provide services.
  • Capacity Building of Bank Officials
  • Increased capacity of 460 bank officials on labour migration process.
  • Increased ability to make informed decision by the potential migrants about different issues at local levels.
  • Increased capacity of the bank officials for providing information regarding the flow and use of such remittances.

Program Achievements at a glance

Sl. No.

Targeted  Activities


Coverage as per completed activities of this Period
(No. of participants male, female, children, area)

Deviation with reasons (if any)

Activities undertaken (completed, not completed, in the process)



01 Rapport building meeting at grass root level for formation of MRPC comprising of local opinion leaders and journalists, Bankers and Returnee Migrants

6 MRPC Formation



Total = 454

Not Applicable


02 Information to RMMRU about local Banks, NGOs, BMET office, Recruiting agency’s



Not Applicable


03 Needs Assessment Workshop at Grassroots Level

01 Program
30 Participants



Total = 30

Not Applicable


04 Communication with Bank Officials (Project area)  14 Banks 202 Times On going Process Completed
05 Communication with Local Opinion leaders, Journalist, MRPC member, etc 250 Male-941
Not Applicable Completed
Total=1272 (times)
06 Attend Capacity building of Local Opinion leaders and Journalist at TOT 08


Not Applicable



07 Attend Better Management of Migrants Remittance: Needs assessment workshop for Bank officials 04



08 Training of Trainers(TOT) for Capacity  Building of Bank Officials at chittagong Division 20


Not Applicable

09 Collection Bank Information for Bank Officials workshop at Chittagong Region 35


Not Applicable

10 To Organize  6 batch Capacity building Training of Local Opinion leaders and Journalist at Field Level

6 batch (126 members)




Not Applicable

Completed 25-28Nov’07
11 MRPC Monthly Coordination meeting 108    108Meeting
Female- 232  )

Not Applicable

12 Counselling  at field level 403 403Counselling
Female-527 )

Not Applicable

Completed     12 Counselling contracted by 2 MRPC members
13 Courtyard meeting 82 82 meeting

Female4655 )


Not Applicable Completed
14 Market meeting 16    16meeting

Female-250 )


Not Applicable In the process
15 Case study Collection 25        25 Not Applicable Completed
16 Remittance Fair 01 01 Fair



Not Applicable Completed
17 Essay Computation 01       60 Students Not Applicable Completed
18 Folk Song  15 show 15 show
Not Applicable Completed
19 Film Show 15 15 Film Show-960
By Cable – 4600
Not Applicable Completed
20 School Orientation 12 12Orientation
Total Student-1347
Not Applicable Completed
21 Pre Departure Orientation 01 Male-13
Not Applicable Completed
22 Orientation of Religion leaders 06 06 Orientation
108 Persons
Not Applicable Completed
23 Teachers Orientation 01 01 Orientation
20 Persons
Not Applicable Completed
24 Making & Campaign Materials Distribution 00       3500 Not Applicable In the process
25 Day Observation 03        03



Not Applicable Completed
26 Quarterly Reporting to RMMRU 09 Quarter-9 Not Applicable Completed
27 Yearly Report 02


Not Applicable Completed
28 Project Completion 01


Not Applicable Completed