Prevention and Protection of Victims of Human Trafficking

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Project title: Prevention and Protection of Victims of Human Trafficking in Bangladesh (PPVHT-B)

Coverage Feni, Comilla, Brahmanbaria

Duration Since 2007- 2010

Partner/ Donor

International Organization for Migration (IOM)


The aim of the project is to address trafficking in children, adolescent girls & women in Bangladesh through coordinated & integrated interventions.

Through raising awareness of the general public as well as specific targeted groups are creating income generating opportunities for the vulnerable people, the project aims to prevent trafficking in persons. Under protection component, the project has designed the activities on the economic empowerment of the vulnerable women & underprivileged children. The project also work with the judicial & law enforcement agencies(LEA) officials to foster prosecution of human trafficking. The project will build the capacity of the NGOs as well as government officials on the issue of counter trafficking.


August 2007- January 2010.

Area Coverage

Name of District Feni Comilla Brahmanbaria
Name of Upazilla Feni Sadar & Chhagalnaiya Upazilla Comilla Sadar & Sadar Dokshin Upazilla Brahmanbaria Sadar &Akhaura Upazilla
Name of Union Feni Sadar Upazilla:•  Feni Sadar Pourashava•  Kazirbug UPChagalnaiya Upazilla:

•  Chagalnaiya Powroshavha

•  Pathan Nagor UP

•  Mohamaya UP

•  Radha Nagor UP

•  Shuvapur UP

•  Gopal UP

Comilla Sadar Upazilla:•  Jagannathpur UP•  Pastugi UP•  Durgapur UP

•  Galiara UP

Sadar Dakshin Upazilla:

•  Choara UP

•  Bijoypur UP

•  Kalir Bazar UP

•  Baropara UP

Brahmanbaria Sadar Upazilla:•  Brahmanbaria Pourashava•  Suhilpur(North) UP•  Suhilpur(South) UP

•  Mojlishpur UP


•  Akhaura Powroshavha

•  Akhaura(North) UP

•  Akhaura(South) Up

•  Mogra UP

Total 08 08 08

Target Groups & Participants of the project

  • Vulnerable children, adolescent girls & boys, women and men.
  • Primary and high school going students, teachers, school committee members and guardians.
  • School dropout children and street children.
  • Locally Elected Bodies (LEB), Local Elites, Civil Society, Religious Leader etc.
  • Different Govt. Officials.
  • Judiciary, Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA), PPs, APPs and Lawyers.
  • NGOs officials and different level stakeholders.
  • Community Based Organizations (CBOs)/ Club.
  • Counter Trafficking Committee (CTC) Members.
  • Community people and Media etc.

Major Activities of the Project

  • Identified the Border Areas in three district.
  • Completed three district level sensitization workshop at Feni, Comilla, Brahmanbaria for GoB & NGOs’ official.
  • Established rapport building and networking with the different level GO & NGO Officials, BDR, Local Elected Bodies, Media Personals, Community Leaders, Religious Leaders, Civil Society Members etc. on human trafficking issue.
  • Motivated the CTC Members to activate their rules and responsibilities.
  • Trying to raise voice from the electronic & print media personal on trafficking issues.
  • Set-upped three billboard in three districts.
  • Some FGDs with different stakeholders and Bazzar Meeting with mass people.