YPSA’s response to COVID-19 in greater Chattogram, Bangladesh

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Crop Marketing support to Marginal Farmers
Crop Marketing support to Marginal Farmers 2
Hygiene campaign
Awareness campaign

About YPSA

YPSA (Young Power in Social Action), an organization in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN-ECOSOC), is a voluntary non-profit organization for sustainable development registered with the different department of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh including NGO Affairs Bureau contributing in national goals for making a difference in the lives of population since its establishment in 1985.

Programmatic interventions in response to COVID-19

In this crucial situation of COVID-19 pandemic in Bangladesh YPSA, as a humanitarian organization, has come forward to respond to this crisis and safeguard people from this suffering in Chattogram division. Over this period, YPSA has taken wide range of interventions as follows;

Training and Orientation to Staffs and Volunteers

320 staffs, 200 Volunteers and 1500 students

  • YPSA organize Training and orientation for all Staffs in the respective field area
  • Regular Skype, zoom meeting with senior and mid-level staff on COVID-19
  • More than 80 Staff participated in different online courses on COVID-19
  • Orientation to Volunteers and Caregivers of YPSA
  • YPSA senior Management regularly taking part in different online meetings and webinars at national and international level
  • Orientation to 1320 Students at 14 Schools in the host community in Cox’s Bazar

Materials Development

Leaflet-60000, Poster-15000 and DAISY & EPUB book for PwDs

  • Development of different BCC materials [print copy, soft copy, as per WHO and IEDCR guidelines
  • Development accessible materials (DAISY & EPUB book) for person with visual and print disabilities
  • Development of BCC Materials on COVID-19 with the message of Prevention of Violence Extremism
  • Developed Application on COVID-19 vulnerability assessment
  • Developed and established 80 sets of PVC board.

Awareness Campaign

Total Reached: 2 Million people (Rohingya-80000, Indigenous-40000, PwDs-10000)

  • Awareness campaign among the staffs and program participants through PVC board, leaflet distribution, social media campaign
  • Special social media campaign with the message of Prevention of Violence Extremism and Anti-smoking campaign
  • Special campaign for returnee migrants in the working area in coordination with BMET as well as referral; campaign for host community and local service providers in eco-tourism spots;
  • Orientation to Mazi and Religious Leader
  • Distributed 75,000 posters, leaflets and stickers with the messages of COVID-19
  • Miking on general awareness on COVID-19 including promotion of government instructions
  • Audio awareness session in local dialect/ Rohingya Language in the camp
  • Published articles on COVID19 impact & Social Capital at local, national and online media
  • Writing regular blog on the COVID-19 issues.

Community Radio Program

Radio-2, Reached- 150,000 people

  • Special Content development for YPSA Community Radio
  • Broadcasting regular programs on COVID-19 by Radio Sagor Giri FM99.2 (YPSA Community Radio) and Radio Dwip (YPSA’s Internet Radio).

Advocacy Initiatives

Research-1, Initiative-8, Media Coverage-15, Reached-1.5 million
YPSA organized and actively participated in different advocacy initiatives during this COVID-19 pandemic;

  • YPSA conducted research on Socio-Economic Impact of COVID-19 on Returnee Migrants in Bangladesh. YPSA shared and disseminated the research findings and recommendations to government, non-government stakeholders, press and print media as part of advocacy.
  • Co-organizer of media dialogue on impact of COVID-19 on mass people
  • YPSA participates as speaker in a webinar on Modern Slavery: Human Trafficking in an Era of Globalization
  • YPSA, as a member of BCSM, participates as speaker in an e-Symposium on Impact of Covid-19 on distress Migrant households
  • YPSA Speaks on the Budget 20-21 in SDG Youth Forum discussion
  • YPSA participates as speaker in a Web Conference on COVID-19 Pandemic and Women Migrant Workers: Service Delivery Mechanism and Way forward.
  • YPSA participates as speaker in a webinar on Inclusive Education for People with Disability in Digital Era organized by EMK Center
  • YPSA speaks in a webinar on Increasing Tax on Tobacco Products in the Budget 20-21

YPSA participates as speaker in an online Virtual Consultation on the “Migrants Budget 2020-2021 and the Protection of Migrants and Families”.

Health and Psychological support

Total Reached: 20000 people (Rohingya-10000, Indigenous-1000, PwDs-1000)

  • YPSA Heath team including doctors providing regular heath support among the Rohingya, host community people and Chattogram
  • Trained Counselors are providing psychological support among the Rohingya, host community people and Chattogram

Distribution of Hygiene Kits and PPE

Total Reached: 22,000 (Rohingya-8000; Indigenous-2000; PwDs-1500)

  • YPSA distributed Hygiene kits in the Rohingya Camp and other YPSA’s working areas
  • Distributed Hand gloves, Mask and Haxisol among the Community Volunteers and staff working at the community
  • Provided PPE to Physicians, health workers and field workers

Food and Cash Support

Total Reached: 12000 people (Ship Breaking workers-5000, Indigenous-1000, PwDs-1000)

  • YPSA distributed around food packages to marginalized people such as extreme poor people, Persons with Disabilities (PwDs), Ship Breaking workers, Indigenous people in Chattogram and Cox’sbazar
  • YPSA provided cash support to 2,000 marginalized people in Chattogram and Cox’sbazar
  • YPSA also provided technical and cash support to local CBO/DPO partners for ensuring support to people with special need in hard to reach area
  • Contributed cash from organizational own fund to the Upazila administration, District level administration and one day YPSA staff salary to Prime Minister’s Relief fund through PKSF

Disinfection of Public Place

Location-300, People reached- 750,000; Spray Machine to LG-15

  • YPSA provided 15 disinfection water spray machine to the three ward (LG) in the Chattogram City Corporation for regularly spraying disinfection water in the public places
  • Besides the LG, YPSA itself covered 250 locations by spraying disinfection water involving local volunteers and staff.

Way Forward

Considering this situation, YPSA want to continue the following efforts until the problem is solved.

  • Continue awareness campaign among the staffs and program participants including social media campaign
  • Continue broadcasting special program by Radio Sagor Giri FM99.2 and Radio Dwip (YPSA’s Internet Radio)
  • Emergency response program including food and health safety kits for COVID-19 affected people particularly extreme poor, PwDs, ship breaking workers, slum dwellers and other marginalized people
  • Regular coordination with the relevant government departments and following government instructions in relation to the COVID-19
  • Keep regular contact with the respective partners/ donors and related stakeholders for the emergency response project for COVID-19 crisis

Contact details of Organization

Md. Arifur Rahman, Chief Executive

YPSA (Young Power in Social Action)

House # F (10) P, Road # 13, Block-B, Chandgaon R/A, Chittagong-4212, Bangladesh

Tel: +88-031-671690, 672857, Cell: +8801711- 825068

Email: ypsa_arif@yahoo.com, arif@ypsa.org,

Website: www.ypsa.org


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