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YPSA is an organization with Special Consultative Status to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC)

Category: ‘Migrant rights’

YPSA Celebrated International Migrants Day 2020

Rally in Rangunia

YPSA recognized Best Migrant-friendly NGO in Chattogram for the third consecutive year

Award receiving

YPSA Launched Migration Support Center in Sandwip, Chattogram

Launching of Migration Support Center in Sandwip

Returnee Migrants join a coordination meeting of District Employment and Manpower Office (DEMO), Chattogram through Facebook live program.

YPSA connected the Returnee Migrants with DEMO, Chattogram through Facebook Live Program


60 percent of the returnee migrants have run out of money brought while coming to the country

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Research published on Socio-Economic Impact of COVID-19 on Returnee Migrants in Bangladesh


YPSA is honored by Chattogram District Administration and DEMO at International Migrants Day 2019

YPSA obtained membership of the Bangladesh Civil Society for Migration (BCSM)

Group photo

YPSA participated in the National Consultation for Global Forum on Migration & Development

Presentation by Abdus Sabur

Only collective actions of migration related organizations can facilitate safe, orderly and regular Labour Migration

YPSA organized a Coordination Meeting of PROKAS-Labour Migration Partners in Chattogram

YPSA Called the Rights of Marginalized Migrants at Global Forum on Migration (PGA) in Marrakech, Morocco

YPSA receives best migration services organization-2018 award

YPSA observes the International Migrants Day’ 2018

YPSA observes the International Migrants Day’ 2018

Rally at Cox's Bazar

Fairer Labour Migration in Bangladesh – নিরাপদ অভিবাসন নিয়ে তথ্যচিত্র

Migration Knowledge Resource Centre was inaugurated at Cox’s Bazar by YPSA

YPSA's Migration Knowledge Resource Centre inauguration at Cox'sbazar

International Conference on Rethinking Development in South Asia held at University of Chittagong

International Conference on Rethinking Development in South Asia held at University of Chittagong

Chief of Mission of IOM Giorgi Gigauri visits YPSA

Chief of Mission of IMO Giorgi Gigauri visits YPSA

Team Leader of PROKAS Programme under British Council visited YPSA

YPSA Givs a token of appreciation to Nicola Dahrendorf, Team Leader of PROKAS